If you have been arrested and booked for a crime, whether or not you have been found guilty, you have a mugshot. This photo can be sensitive, as for many people, it depicts a time in their life that they are not proud of. If you have an arrest photo, it is likely that you do not want many people to have access to it, especially if you have had charges dropped or were found not guilty of the crime you were initially arrested for. When you or someone else finds your arrest photo on a mugshot website and your record is clean, you likely want to do anything you can to repair your online reputation. It is important to research and understand the full breadth of finding your arrest photo on a mugshot website. If you need more information, keep reading the below tips. 

Where could someone find your mugshot?

If someone finds your mugshot online, it is likely that they went through a popular mugshot website. These websites make it easy to find arrest records, mugshots, court documents, contact information, and can even conduct backwards phone number lookups and unclaimed money searches. For this reason, these sites are very popular. Some are free, and some only claim to be free. Before you proceed with your actions, it is important to do your own research and conduct a search of yourself to see what information is out there. And in the process, you just might find some unclaimed money in your name.

What should you do after you see your photo?

After you see your arrest photo, you have a couple of options. If your record has been expunged of the crime, the charges have been dropped, or you were found not guilty, you probably want all evidence of your arrest scraped from the internet. If you see your photo on one of the mugshot websites mentioned above, you can fill out an opt out request form and the webmasters will address your concerns. In many states, it is illegal for there to be a fee assessed for the webmasters to remove a photo or information about you. Always do your research and see what your state has legislated in regard to privately owned mugshot websites.

How can you prove your innocence? 

The number one reason to have your mugshot removed from an online mugshot website is that you are innocent of the crime for which you were arrested. If you hire a lawyer who is skilled in the area you are fighting in, it increases the chances that you will successfully get the charges dropped. The Davis Kelin Law Firm specializes in malpractice cases, including legal malpractice, which means that if you were improperly represented and it resulted in your being found guilty, you can work to get the charges overturned. If you feel your lawyer commit negligence or breach of duty and that it resulted in a significant damage to you, the client they were representing, you might have a case with the Davis Kelin firm.

If you find your arrest photo on a mugshot website, it is key that you research the situation thoroughly, including any legal stipulations regarding those websites in your state. After you have done adequate research on your situation and the context surrounding it, you can proceed by requesting a removal of your photo and any accompanying information. If you are still looking to prove your innocence, looking for a reputable firm that specializes in your legal area can be a great way to get started. No matter what, always keep in mind your reputation and make choices that will better your life beyond that arrest photo.