What do hot tubs, outdoor fitness equipment, home lifts, and senior yoga classes have in common? All four are part of the latest trends in modern health and fitness. Here are details about each one.

Home Lifts

Understandably, many don’t immediately associate home lifts with physical well-being and health. But when you stop to consider what a lift is, the connection becomes clear. Homeowners who install super-tiny domestic lifts that travel through the floor get multiple benefits from the devices. Of course, domestic lifts look great and add a unique sense of class and elegance to any part of a home. But they also deliver solid health advantages for people who wish to avoid staircases. For millions of older adults, the risk of falling is a very real concern that impacts their everyday lives. Installing a home lift resolves that problem, can boost property values and transforms a typical living space into a modern, sleek dwelling.

Senior Yoga

As the population in all developing nations continues to consist of more citizens over the age of 65, there’s a huge increase in demand for senior friendly goods and services. Chief among them is yoga, already known to be one of many natural sleep remedies as well as one of the world’s most popular physical fitness and relaxation activities. In the past decade, the field has experienced explosive growth. Part of that transformation of the marketplace includes senior yoga, and classes are popping up everywhere. Fortunately, instructors and institutions that offer yoga courses and weekly classes in health clubs have adapted the curriculum for aging participants. Gyms offer seated classes for people who can’t lie down or stand for long periods of time. Likewise, most city community centers also feature specialized versions of yoga training that are suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

Outdoor Fitness Spaces

The general shift to outdoor activities in fitness has led to several major changes in the way people exercise. Now that there are so many open-air workout spaces, fitness minded consumers are discovering the value and fun that comes from exercise on outdoor fitness equipment in a variety of settings. That’s because outdoor gyms combine the exhilaration of getting a full-body workout with the healthful atmosphere of fresh air and natural surroundings. After decades of jogging, lifting weights, and doing calisthenics indoors, many in all age groups are heading outside to satisfy their regular need for physical activity.

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are making a comeback after decades of decline. In the 1980s, the workhorse of the home health consumer industry fell into a state of stagnation as the market reached a saturation level and the point where personal tubs were no longer unique products. But the biggest factor was rising prices for standard units. Nowadays, the resurgence of interest in home hot tubs is spurred by competitive pricing, smaller, inflatable hot tubs, one-person tubs, and sophisticated temperature and water jet control. Unlike the 1980s tubs, modern ones come in DIY versions that require no special skills to install or maintain. Consumers are buying personal units and putting them in garages, on patios, and even in their bedrooms. Most only need a hose connection to a standard water source, like a sink or tub.

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