When it comes to making choices concerning a service provider the decision can be quite tough, as it affects the future of your business. So, it’s always for the best to research – scour the internet and read a lot of reviews and forum posts from people who’ve already been in your shoes, and then eventually make the right decision for yourself. 

Choosing a quality and affordable PBN hosting provider won’t be easy, especially if you have in mind the ton of services available on the market. However, if you’re planning on using a PBN in order to boost your rankings, the first criteria you should consider before choosing your provider is safety and security. 

As long as your PBN is safe, your online business can bloom. 

  • Safety Comes First!

The PBN you’ll create is a grey hat SEO technique. So, if it gets discovered by the search engines, you’ll get penalized and deindexed. It’s so because your Private Blog Network is based on creating a “false sense of authority” for your money or main website, which does mean that search engines have grounds for a ban. That’s the reason why safety should be your priority for your website to be successful. 

Despite its “dodginess”, you should be aware that using a PBN is a very common SEO boosting technique. Don’t be afraid to enjoy its advantages if you have the budget to afford it – it’s used by both successful international companies, as well as small businesses – with equally amazing and fast results. So, if you choose a company which will minimize the risk for you, we say you should go for it! But do make sure you choose professionals such as LaunchCDN, who’ll guarantee your security. 

Here’s what else you should look for when choosing a PBN hosting provider.

  • Minimized Hosting Footprint Through CDNs

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a connection of edge or proxy servers that are globally distributed in order to deliver the content to global users fast. The content from the origin server is cached and duplicated to the edge server, which delivers the media to the user from a location that is geographically the closest. 

So, when you are choosing a PBN provider you should look for a service that includes CDN distribution of your content. This won’t only provide quality and speed for your users, it will also make it “less obvious” that your PBN is hosted in several different locations throughout the world. If you choose a CDN along with your hosting, the chances of leaving a footprint that might get you deindexed are minimized. 

  • Using a Different IP Address for Every Domain

Using a different IP address for every domain name is such an important characteristic that only a few PBN hosting providers will offer you. Hosting two or more of your websites from your PBN under the same IP address makes them so much more easy to get discovered by Google. This should, in fact, be the first question you should ask your provider. The opportunity to use a different IP address for every domain is crucial in order to stay covered and authentic.

  • Support for High-Performance Websites

The PBN hosting provider that you choose should guarantee the high performance of your websites. This includes the percentage of uptime, the speed of your website, the quality of the content and the overall user experience in the end. Only by having quality and high-performance websites within your Private Blog Network, you’ll be able to have positive SEO results.

  • Unique Name Servers Which Point to Your Website

Your web hosting is responsible for providing name servers which are the key to actually being recognized and visible on the web. Every web hosting provider gives you two different nameservers. The nameservers are responsible for providing the IP address to your browser. In fact, they are part of the Domain Name System (DNS) which does the conversion of domain names into IP addresses. 

So, when you look into a PBN hosting service, make sure that the nameservers they provide you with are unique. They have an important role in SEO and the reputation of your PBN, even though they are disregarded most of the time.


To sum up, when choosing a hosting provider for your PBN you should do your research, so you can find something which will fit your budget and needs. However, to make things easier for you, we have created a list of the top 5 services you should look for in a PBN hosting provider. Those are:

  • A PBN hosting provider should guarantee your safety
  • It should deliver high-performance websites
  • Use a different IP address for every domain name
  • Use a CDN for minimizing the footprints
  • Use unique name server

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