Education remains a popular field because of the stability it offers and the prestige that comes with it. Demand for new teachers and educational professionals is strong, as well. Pay rates, though, vary widely. This is why people often don’t talk about the pay cheque as the main reason they became teachers. However, you don’t have to choose between working in education and earning a good living. Here are some of the highest paying careers in education.

A Maths Teacher

If you’re a whiz at trigonometry and love algebra, then the numbers are in your favour. There is currently a shortage of qualified maths teachers, and anyone with the right skills and desire to work in this area will be in demand. The laws of supply and demand are in effect here, so the salary for maths teachers is higher than other subjects. The average salary for maths teachers is £37,400 pounds.

A Private Tutor

A private tutor works with students one on one rather than standing in front of a class, so it is less stressful than leading the whole group. You enjoy the same flexibility as a supply teacher but have a much higher pay rate. 

A private tutor averages around £34,600 a year if working full-time. They might support a home-schooling student, or they may work evenings and weekends with students after they get out of school. It is also a good-paying part-time job. The main requirements are being a subject matter expert and having a business mindset since you have to manage your time and market your services.

A related job is working as an online teacher. You might work with students around the world through Skype, an educational website or online school. You’ll have flexibility on when and what you teach, though you have to manage your time and plan your syllabus. Note that tutors can connect with students online as well as in person. And just because someone is studying for an online degree, does not mean it will be any less fulfilling! Full-time online teachers regularly earn £30,000 to £35,000 a year.

School Counsellor

School counsellors guide children and teenagers through a wide range of problems. These may be personal problems at home, academic issues or social ones. They also provide financial guidance to graduates and development plans for students at all levels. 

With a masters degree in education UK, teachers can move into counselling since an advanced degree is necessary to fill this role. However, you don’t have to quit your day job, as you can now get it completely online. An online education program from top universities with a history of training teachers will give you a leg up in the job application process. And it is nearly twice as much as you’d make as a cover supervisor, monitoring students, and dealing with whatever emergencies arise.

A Second Language Teacher

A second language teacher has what we can call a skills stack. They’re both fluent in another language and qualified teachers. This allows them to work with children and adults who aren’t familiar with English, teaching all subjects to their students, or they may teach non-English speakers English. Second language teachers are considered ideal hires for work-around programs because they are better able to work with students and won’t be as socially isolated when they’re in another country. Salaries range from £34,000 to £41,000 a year.


While education sometimes gets a bad rap for being poorly paid, this isn’t always true. These positions, however, offer great pay and great work conditions for anyone who’s truly passionate about education and wants to make a good living in the process.

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