It can be really annoying to find creatures digging around in your well-maintained lawn or garden. Wildlife removal services can help remove the creature safely and efficiently, but you should probably try to figure out what is causing the hole first before giving them a call. Here are a few simple things to look for to determine and help you decide whether you need someone to help remove the creature.

Is it an animal?

The first thing to note is that the hole in your yard may not even be caused by an animal. The neighbor’s kid may be digging holes in your property for whatever reason. Furthermore, rotting tree roots from a tree which used to exist in the yard can also create holes. The roots decay and cause soil to collapse, leaving holes in your soil.

In general, animal holes are smaller and more numerous compared to holes made by humans. Animal holes are created by the animal poking about for food and shelter, and so they want to look in multiple places. As for tree root holes, they will normally converge on a center point where the tree used to be.

Skunks, Moles, and Rodents

If you did find a hole, it probably came from a rodent or other small mammal. Different rodents create different kinds of holes, and the way you approach them will be different.

Skunk holes are small and shallow, and you may be able to identify the holes due to the skunk’s scent.

Mole holes have a mound of soil covering the hole, so you should be looking for the mound as opposed to the hole itself. 

These two animals are some of the most destructive, especially moles as they will tear up vegetation in their hunt for earthworms. Other rodents can leave holes such as rats, squirrels, or voles. These holes more likely lead to burrows.


Some insects like cicadas and wasps begin their lives in the ground, and then emerge from holes when they hatch. These holes will be very small, but very numerous and create a pockmark look in the ground. They are also more common in places where the grass is light. On the other hand, wasps sometimes burrow in the ground such as former rodent burrows.

In general, you should try not to worry too much about these holes. Insects are part of the lawn landscape. And while a wasp nest may sound scary, they disappear when winter comes so you may be able to ignore it until then.

Seek a Professional

Regardless of whatever animal you think is digging those holes, you should contact a professional to help remove it. It may be that you think it is one animal, only for it to turn out to be another. Even if you are correct, accidents can happen with wild, dangerous animals. There may also be regulations which a removal group will have proper knowledge of, such as a ban on killing certain types of animals.