It is very much a buyer’s market nowadays and if a business wants to be successful, then they need to listen to what their customers want. Customers are very particular, especially the younger demographic and they are concerned about such things as global warming and being environmentally friendly. They will not be interested in any product or service that causes hardship to anyone or anything, and they will vote with their feet, if they feel that you do not care about such things. On the other hand, if you are an environmentally responsible business and you let your customers know that you are aware of it, then you can expect your customer base to grow.

Environmentally friendly.

This is why many workplaces are turning themselves into an environmentally friendly environment. Bosses are now making decisions that are good for the company, but better for the Earth. The Australian government is now pushing for all businesses to practice been more eco-friendly, and they are giving them rewards in the form of tax breaks and other incentives. When businesses opt for the environmentally friendly way, many of them see a reduction in their overall costs. If they start using low energy light bulbs, installing toilets and sinks, that use less water, and use solar energy as their main source of power, they save even more money.

Make better choices.

Even when it comes to the office supplies, you can make a more environmentally responsible choice and choose paper products that have been recycled, and plastic products like pens and markers as well. Many stationery supply companies stock these items that are more environmentally aware, and if you are a little unsure as to where you can source such things, have a look here at This particular supplier can provide you with filing products, markers, highlighters, pens and rubber bands that are all kind to Mother Earth. Here are some ways to make your office more environmentally friendly.

  • Recycle – Try to recycle whatever you can and encourage employees to put their items in the recycle bin instead of the trash bin. 
  • Choose wisely – As mentioned previously, you can buy more environmentally friendly office stationery from specific suppliers, and over the course of a year, this can amount to a significant change in your company’s choices.
  • More indoor plants – As well as looking fantastic, having indoor plants in the office helps to create better air, because the plants are excellent at converting CO2 to oxygen.
  • Energy efficient appliances – Choose appliances that use less electricity, and whenever possible use energy efficient light bulbs and LEDs. These all leave a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Reduce your energy consumption – Installing sensor lights in individual rooms, allows you to use less electricity and also to reduce your electricity bills. As soon as someone leaves the room, the lights will automatically turn themselves of.

Making small changes here and there within your business, is the secret to being more environmentally friendly and attracting more customers. People do pay attention to these kinds of things and when they realise that you’re doing them, they will make an informed decision and buy from you.