There are some very good reasons why 30 million tourists visited Thailand in 2018 and when the pandemic is over, you can expect a surge of holidaymakers from all parts of the world heading to the Land of Smiles. This enchanting royal kingdom has much to offer, with stunning sandy beaches and diverse marine life found in the south of Thailand, while the mountainous northern region is a totally different culture, they even have their own language, although all can speak central Thai.

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Thailand is a very progressive nation, with an infrastructure comparable to any developed country (Thailand has the best roads in Southeast Asia) and booking a luxury resort in Khao Lak is easy, you can book via their website and look forward to an amazing experience. It is a good idea to check the current Covid-19 status in Thailand before making any arrangements, and you may have to state quarantine for 10-14 days at your own expense.

Living with the Hilltribes People

North of Chaing Mai, you will find the Karen and the Hmong tribes, who have lived in the hills and valleys for centuries and they have a colourful culture of their own. There are small guesthouses everywhere in this region and it is great for some serious adventure, with the Doi Inthanon National Park that includes the highest mountain in Thailand of the same name.

Fishing Families in the South of Thailand

There are one or two tour operators that offer homestay holidays with Thai fishing families, which means living and working with these amazing people and you get to go out on the boats when they fish and learn all about their way of life. They might farm shrimp or go out at night to catch squid, while many have shrimp farms where you can see for yourself how they process the catch. You could charter a yacht, which makes for a unique holiday experience as you explore the Andaman Sea in luxury.

Houseboat Holidays

The province of Kanchanaburi is the home to several large lakes and you can book a traditional Thai houseboat for a couple of weeks, with your own jet ski to get you to shore. Google is your best friend and can certainly source such a tour operator for you in no time and you can make the booking. We’ve all enjoyed the beach resort life, but staying on a houseboat offers a new level of privacy and with all the mod cons at your disposal, you can live like royalty in the middle of a lake.

Spiritual Wellness Resort

There are quite a few in Thailand, in the north and south, which offers the perfect setting for serious meditation and if you would like to book a stay at one of the top-rated wellness resorts, search with Google and you’ll find what you are looking for. There are also some great rehab clinics if you would like to detox and take stock of your life and the Buddhist religion permeates into every aspect of their society, making Thailand perfect for spiritual guidance and development.

Prior to booking any holiday in Thailand, check with the Thai government about Covid-19 restrictions that might be in effect.

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