As we approach 2024, homeowners and resort managers alike are eager to dive into the latest trends in pool design. From innovative materials to eco-conscious choices, the new wave of pool styles is all about blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. Here’s a look at the top seven pool style predictions set to make a splash in 2024.

1. Eco-Friendly Water Systems

With an increased emphasis on sustainability, eco-friendly pools featuring natural filtration systems are expected to rise in popularity. These pools utilize plants and minerals to cleanse and purify the water, reducing the need for chemicals.

2. Infinity Pools with a Twist

Infinity pools have always offered a stunning visual impact, and in 2024, they are predicted to evolve with unique shapes and unconventional locations. Expect infinity pools that wrap around buildings or that are perched atop skyscrapers.

3. Smart Pool Technology

In the age of smart homes, smart pools are not far behind. Pools equipped with automation for cleaning, temperature control, and lighting adjustments will be at the forefront, allowing for effortless maintenance and energy efficiency.

4. Multifunctional Pool Designs

Pools that double as social hubs will be in demand. Features like built-in seating, swim-up bars, and integrated hot tubs cater to both fitness enthusiasts and those looking to entertain.

5. Naturalistic Poolscapes

Mimicking the serenity of natural waters, pool designs featuring rock formations, waterfalls, and lush vegetation will transport you to a private oasis, becoming a retreat within the comforts of your own home.

6. Baja Shelves and Tanning Ledges

Baja shelves—shallow, sunbathing-friendly ledges within the pool—are expected to be a key element in pool lounging. They provide a space to relax half-submerged in water, perfect for those sizzling summer days.

7. Artistic Pool Lighting

Illumination takes center stage in 2024 pool trends. Beyond traditional lighting, expect to see LED installations that can change color, project patterns, and even interact with music to create an immersive and dynamic swimming experience.

As we look towards these exciting trends, it’s clear that the future of pool design is geared towards creating an immersive experience that’s both environmentally conscious and technologically advanced. Whether you’re considering an update to your existing pool or dreaming of a new build, these trends are sure to inspire a fresh take on backyard leisure and luxury.