Thailand has enjoyed
premier tourism status since the 1980s, when Europeans first began to travel to
this colourful land where exotic fruits grow in a tropical paradise, and the
north and south are complete opposites in terms of climate and culture. While
Thailand does offer the luxury resort holiday, there are many other aspects to
this unique country that you can experience, and here are just a few examples
of holiday experiences that you can book in the Land of Smiles.

  • Rice
    Farming in Isaan
    – Isaan is
    the northeast part of Thailand, where most of the jasmine rice is grown, and
    you can book a homestay holiday during the rice planting or harvesting season,
    when you will live and work with a farming family. The colourful culture offers
    a truly unique opportunity to live the Thai rural life, as you live, eat and
    sleep with the farming community.
  • Trekking
    in Chiang Rai
    – You can visit
    the hilltribes along the border with Myanmar, and with a local guide, you can
    explore the beautiful mountainous region, taking in some breath-taking scenery.
    You can stay for a few days at an elephant sanctuary, where you can help to
    take care of these majestic animals that used to be put to work, but now are
    allowed to live in relative peace and harmony at approved sanctuaries.
  • Luxury
    Yacht Charter
    – The South of
    Thailand offers the chance to rent your own superyacht and sail around the
    Andaman Sea and swim with Whale Sharks; and with affordable luxury yacht charter in Phuket, you can plan every detail of what is certain
    to be a holiday like no other. There are yachts for hire that cater for both
    small and large groups, and if you have friends that like unusual holidays, why
    not form a group? This keeps the cost down and as the package is all-inclusive,
    there isn’t anything else to pay.
  • Thailand
    – There are quite a
    few organisations that offer volunteers a rewarding experience in Thailand,
    whether it be teaching English to kids or novice Buddhist monks, or helping
    poor communities. Details can be found online and the organiser would expect
    you to pay your own airfares, but they would provide you with food and
    accommodation, plus all the work support you need. This is a great way to gain
    an insight into Thai culture, plus you get to meet lots of like-minded
    volunteers during your stay.
  • Big
    Game Fishing
    – There are world
    class fishing parks in Thailand where you can catch 50-100kg monsters (catch
    and release of course) and your holiday is centred around fishing, with an
    air-conditioned bungalow, a nearby restaurant and everything you need for a
    great relaxing time. The fishing park management would arrange everything,
    collecting you from the airport and making sure you have everything you need
    while you are fishing, plus they have other activities like horse riding and
    off-road motorcycling.

As you can see, there
are holidays with a difference in Thailand and if you search online, you will
find all the information you need to make a booking.

By Manager