Testosterone therapy is becoming an increasingly popular treatment for older men. Testosterone is responsible for helping to maintain bone density, muscle mass, sperm production, and even body hair in men. But as men age, their level of testosterone naturally declines. While this is normal, some men may experience a more rapid decline of testosterone levels, which can result in unwanted side effects. So what is testosterone therapy and can it help you?

Possible warning signs of low testosterone

Low levels of testosterone can look different depending on the man. All men will see gradually declining levels around the age of 30 or 40, but some may see a quicker decline for various reasons. Hypogonadism is a condition that results in the body being unable to produce the right amount of testosterone because of a problem with the testicles. If a man suffers from this condition, testosterone therapy can be extremely helpful in restoring appropriate levels of testosterone.

If a man is losing testosterone because of aging, he may see various symptoms including difficulty sleeping, reduced muscle strength, changes in motivation and memory, and a decreased sex drive. These signs can be attributed to other problems, such as sleep apnea or depression, so it’s important for men to get blood tests to determine whether the real problem is low testosterone or something else.

How is testosterone therapy administered?

Testosterone therapy reintroduces testosterone to the body, and many methods and options are available to men today. Some of the first available options were gels and creams, which are still used today. These products contain testosterone, and when they’re applied to the body, the testosterone is able to enter the bloodstream. However, if someone else touches the area of the body where the cream was applied, they could unintentionally be affected by the testosterone, too. This can be problematic and even dangerous, especially for pregnant women.

Today, men often seek treatments that come in the forms of patches or supplements. These products are easy to use every day and can ensure the treatment is only applied to the person who wants it. Companies such as 4Ever Young offer supplements that give men the right amount of nutrients and substances that can improve testosterone levels and help them feel energized and healthy.

Who can benefit from testosterone therapy?

Men who get tested for low testosterone and have low levels may want to explore testosterone therapy. Men who seek this treatment report having higher energy levels, stronger muscles, and an improved sex drive. While testosterone therapy may not work for all men, especially those who are in their senior years, men who are diagnosed with low testosterone and those who are experiencing adverse side effects from low testosterone levels can potentially see a positive impact from seeking medical treatment. Also, men who are diagnosed with hypogonadism can benefit from testosterone therapy.

But a few types of people should not try testosterone therapy. Just like any other medical treatment, some risks come with testosterone therapy. These risks can be particularly dangerous for men who have a diagnosed heart condition or a history of high red blood cell counts. These conditions can be worsened by the introduction of more testosterone.

Aging men can seek testosterone therapy if they want to get rid of adverse side effects of low testosterone and feel their best. While testosterone therapy may not be right for everyone, including those with certain health conditions, it can be extremely helpful. So if you think you may be experiencing unwanted side effects from low testosterone levels, consider exploring testosterone therapy options and improve how you feel.

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