Entrepreneurs tend to enter business for the challenge of solving problems. Their success often hinges on developing and optimizing existing processes.

Entrepreneurs possess an insatiable curiosity that allows them to uncover hidden opportunities and find solutions others miss. According to Entrepreneurship Essentials online course, this trait is what distinguishes successful business leaders.


Catherine Cook has demonstrated outstanding leadership through her ability to recognize problems and devise solutions. At just 15, Catherine launched myYearbook as one of the most popular sites for teens – without negatively affecting college opportunities or her values along the way!

Another trait that makes her such a great leader is her ability to inspire others. From her myYearbook website and her work in aid of global development to mentoring young entrepreneurs, she has had a lasting effect on many. For teenage girls looking into entrepreneurialism this makes her a wonderful role model.


Catherine Cook’s story embodies what it means to be flexible. She established a successful business from her own idea, adapting easily as challenges arose. Thanks to this flexibility, Catherine achieved tremendous success at such a young age – showing teenage girls it is possible and profitable to start businesses while in high school, without negatively affecting college opportunities.

Flexibility is an indispensable skill for entrepreneurs, and can be learned and practiced. Reshaping teams to solve complex issues and changing directions as necessary makes solving problems simpler, while it also aids in creating a work-life balance. For instance, if daily commute or home life issues are becoming stressful to manage then perhaps its time for you to find new solutions – the practice of having flexibility in the workplace has become more popular among young generations, helping attract top talent.


Catherine Cook’s story of starting myYearbook and then developing it into one of the world’s most beloved teen websites is an inspiring testament of perseverance. At 15, Catherine and her brother came up with this idea for myYearbook as a way to meet new friends at their new high school.

Her success demonstrates to teenage girls that it is possible to start a business while in high school and doesn’t need to interfere with college opportunities. Furthermore, it shows them that it is possible to be successful while remaining true to oneself.

Entrepreneurs rely on persistence as a cornerstone of success, but there can be limits. Persistence used for unintended or harmful purposes can have negative consequences on one’s mental health. For instance, persistently trying to improve grades in order to win a scholarship could increase stress levels considerably while attempts and failed attempts at breaking an addiction could also prove harmful.

By Rob