There are numerous differences between standard and commercial charbroilers. Here are seven key differences that you should be aware of before choosing which type is right for your restaurant:

1. Heat Source

Standard charbroiler uses gas burners as its heat source while a commercial charbroiler may use either gas or electric heating elements. The type of heat source you choose will depend on the availability and cost in your area.

2. Temperature Control

With a standard charbroiler, the temperature is manually controlled with knobs on the front of the unit. A commercial charbroiler typically uses a temperature controller to provide more accurate and consistent heat.

3. Construction Materials

Standard charbroilers are usually made of porcelain coated steel, while commercial charbroilers may be constructed from stainless steel which is more durable and provides improved heat distribution.

4. Size and Capacity

Standard charbroilers are usually smaller and have a lower capacity than commercial charbroilers, which are designed for heavy-duty use. The size of your charbroiler should be based on the volume of food you will be cooking.

5. Design Features

Standard charbroilers typically feature a single flat griddle surface while commercial charbroilers may include adjustable grates to allow for more efficient heat distribution and easier clean up. There may also be additional features such as side burners and a grease drain.

6. Efficiency and Fuel Costs

Standard charbroilers are typically less efficient than commercial grade units, resulting in higher fuel costs. A commercial charbroiler’s more efficient design can help to reduce those costs. The type of fuel used will also have an effect on efficiency and cost.

7. Safety Features

Standard charbroilers may lack some of the safety features that come with a commercial grade unit. These include such things as pilot lights, anti-overheating systems, and fire suppression systems that can help to prevent accidents. For maximum safety, choose a commercial charbroiler.

Choosing the right charbroiler for your needs requires an understanding of the differences between standard and commercial models. Understanding these seven key differences will help you make an informed decision and ensure that you get the best charbroiler for your needs.