If you have your own business, then you may have a number of employees who work with you. It could be one or two people, or 10, or maybe even as many as 100. Yet no matter how many staff you have as part of your brand, you need to make sure that your employees are engaged with your business.

This isn’t an easy task to add to how you run your organisation: there will be different personalities with a range of personal goals, which means there may not be a single solution that will work for everyone. 

Here are some things you could consider implementing – which may go towards boosting your business performance.

Show that you care

We like to feel valued for who we are, rather than the amount of money that we make. Research suggests that 83% of engaged staff say their supervisor cares about them as a person, rather than 3% of disengaged people.

So you should show you care about your staff: get to know them, and find out what matters to them personally and professionally. Ask and listen to them.

Personalise learning

According to Cloverleaf, it’s thought that 65% of employees say that training and career chances are their main motivators. So, give your employees what they want so that they are engaged: instructive and thorough personalised developments and training that will meet their needs. Doing this will also improve their productivity, expertise and engagement with your brand.

Get employee feedback

Part of your strive towards greater employee engagement strategies can include showing that you value their opinion, so with this in mind, be sure to ask for their feedback. Getting meaningful information on items from training to social activities will help you to understand what your employees need. Taking action will matter: it’s said that 70% of engaged staff feel their feedback is acted on, rather than 2% of disengaged staff.

Upgrade your rewards and recognition methods

You will need to change how you recognise and reward your employees to keep up with your target group, their expectations, needs, and the environment of which they’re a part. You will need to include social recognition because of the era we live in, and having public recognition boosts the value of employee’s achievements.

Your rewards and recognition methods should be engaging as well. These can include activities such as having fun company-wide newsletters about employee performance, or nominating a colleague to be CEO for the day.

Be flexible

Brands can look to engage their employees with a work-life balance by giving them the option to flexibly work from home. However, you will need to have the technology to enable this way of working, so be sure to invest in the likes of the cloud. 

Have a transparent workplace culture

This will enable engagement and accountability, because your employees will be driven to deliver on their jobs. This won’t be because they’re fearful of being watched, but being part of a transparent business will help to keep them on track.

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