You can find a lot of information online about search engine optimization, branding, marketing, search engine marketing, and basically anything you need to know to promote your website. The problem is that much of the information you find is incorrect. It is either dated or presented by someone who does not know as much as they want you to think. This is why it is so important to understand the following are just myths and incorrect.

High Keyword Density Improves Rankings

You might want to rank for several keywords but this does not mean you receive some sort of reward for including all of these in the content for a specific number of times. In fact, you might easily end up doing keyword stuffing, which is a big potential problem.

The trick is to use just a few of your keywords. Opt for those that are properly researched and properly place them on your page. It is much more important to conduct proper research and choose the best keywords than to use many.

Link Quantity Is More Important Than Link Quality

It does seem logical that you would get better results when you get more links but this was only true in the past. Nowadays, if you have numerous low-quality links and you do not get good links, trustworthiness is automatically affected.

The same goes for the number of links you add to your pages. When there are way too many present, visitors start to believe something is wrong and there is a pretty good possibility this is correct. In modern SEO, you have to mainly think about quality, not quantity to get the true benefits of SEO for your digital business.

It Does Not Matter What Links You Get

This is related to the SEO myth above and practically relates to the belief that it does not matter what types of links you get since you get benefits. In reality, with SEO, you have to build authority. And this authority goes down when you get several shady links pointing to your side.

Random linking strategies often rely on getting as many backlinks as possible from any source possible. Such an approach can only lead to ranking drops or at least no increase. Getting a backlink from a site that only links out to high quality pages should be your goal as opposed to getting links from any source that offers it.

You Only Have To Do SEO Work Once

This is a highly damaging SEO myth you should never believe. Search engine optimization is ongoing work. You need to keep doing it in order to reap the benefits. Fortunately though, you do more work in the beginning, until you get the great rankings you need to have a successful website. After that, you can do less. However, this does not mean you can simply stop.

If you stop doing SEO work, your competition is going to get better rankings while you lose rankings. The competition is big in every single industry and every single niche.

By Rob