Self storage options are increasing as the need continues to grow. Self storage can be a useful solution for those who need extra storage space, but it’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully to make the best decision for you.


1. Convenience

Self storage is a convenient solution for those who need extra space, but don’t want to move or buy a bigger house. It gives you the ability to access your items anytime during business hours and have them close by when needed. This can also be a great option for people who want to scale down to live on the road without getting rid of some of their more nonessential items.

2. Cost Effective

Self storage can be an economical option to store your items because it usually costs much less than renting a bigger home or storage units. Additionally, you can find different types of self-storage facilities that will fit your budget, such as climate controlled units, secure units with extra security measures, and more.

3. Flexibility

Self storage is flexible in the sense that you can store items for as long or as short of a period of time as needed. This is beneficial if you’re in between moves, want to store seasonal items, or simply don’t have enough space at home.


1. Accessibility

Self storage facilities usually limit the hours that you can access your items and may not always be open to the public. Additionally, you’ll need to factor in transportation costs for trips to the storage unit if it’s not located close by. If you need to have 24/7 access to your belongings, a storage unit may not be the best option.

2. Security

The security of self-storage facilities varies from place to place and you’ll need to be aware of the risks involved with storing items in a public place. Extra security measures, such as individual unit locks and video surveillance may be necessary to protect your most valuable items. There’s also the possibility of theft, so it’s important to choose a place that you can trust with your items.

3. Cost

The cost of self storage can add up quickly if you’re not careful and can include rental fees, access fees, insurance fees, and more. It’s important to budget for these upfront costs when considering a self-storage solution. The cost of renting the unit may also increase if your items take up more space than expected.

Overall, self storage can be a great option for those who need extra space but don’t have the ability or resources to move or buy a bigger house. However, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a decision.