Qualifications, experience, and making connections in your industry are all ways of supercharging your career and climbing the professional ladder. Yet, sometimes it is all about putting yourself in the right place at the right time.

Some people may earn an improved position by using the right job site, while relocating across the country may be what makes you more money or increases your opportunities. Learn more about the details here.

Using the Best Job Sites

The most used job sites in the UK cover all bases, offering jobs in a wealth of sectors from hospitality to medicine. However, that doesn’t mean some job sites are not better than others in specific niches. One example is renowned job site JobRapido, where users can search for jobs across many industries but will often find exclusive advertisements in high-skilled roles such as digital marketing, tech and engineering.

By finding job sites that cater to your industry, you can maximise your chances of being in the right place – with the correct search term – when that job gets listed.

Where are the UK Jobs?

Sometimes you may have to consider relocating to put yourself in position to land a new and improved role. The latest data suggests that most job vacancies are currently in London and the western regions of the UK.

London has the most vacancies around 30% of the market, which is followed closely by the North West at over 25% of jobs. The West Midlands and Wales are close behind housing just over 10% of roles available. In contrast, eastern regions and the South West all offer fewer opportunities.

This data can be helpful when considering relocating for work. You will have more chance of succeeding at finding a new role in these locations. But it is not just where the jobs are, but what type of jobs are available?

Job Demand Across the UK

Moving to the North West may sound like a good move for your career considering the number of vacancies currently available, and it might be. Still, you also need to check the quality of the jobs available and if they align with your career ambitions.

Here are some insights into what jobs are in demand across the UK:

·   Finance jobs (London, South West and South East)

·   CEO positions (London, North West and South West)

·   Teaching (London and Yorkshire)

·   Graphic designers (London, North West and South West)

·   Nurses (Wales, London and North West)

·   Social Workers (Wales, London and North West)

·   Kitchen staff (London, North West and South West)

Identifying where the most jobs are available in the UK should not be the only strategy to being in the right place for your career, you also need to be aware of the details and what types of professions prosper in the UK’s regions.
Of course, some businesses today do not require physical space. If you want to avoid having to go to an office or have a job in a specific location, you may wish to know more about starting an online business.

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