Productivity is key to any manufacturing process. Anything you can do to streamline the process and increase safety for your workforce makes business operations go more smoothly. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has great overviews for SMBs looking to improve their productivity. The following steps also help struggling manufacturers increase productivity.

Consider Existing Workflow

Identifying bottlenecks and pain points in workflow helps make major improvements that can increase productivity and flow through to the bottom line. This involves analyzing the technology, processes and people who make up the production system. It also includes looking at communication tools and determining whether improvements are needed companywide. Managers can prioritize which areas need to be addressed first so that the company guess the greatest return of investment for changes made.

Invest in Tools that Increase Productivity and Safety

Manufacturing equipment can be pricey. That’s why it’s important to evaluate what tools net the highest return and generate greater productivity. For example, manual processes can be labor intensive and are prone to injuries. To avoid this, it may be worthwhile to invest in equipment, such as automated lift tables. For example, a single scissor table lifts goods efficiently. Lift tables have a capacity 500 kg to 5,000 kg and come in assorted sizes. Ergonomic lift tables can prevent back and neck injuries which result in turnover and employee absences.

Update Business Process

A list of business process challenges helps management focus on process improvements. These types of changes include reassigning resources to more suitable areas, tweaking budgets to save on cost, and becoming ISO certified on the manufacturing floor. Measure results and progress to ensure accountability.

Invest in Smarter Machine Tools

Manufacturing professionals can only be as productive as the tools they have to work with. Waterjet machines and CNC mills have a high upfront cost and lengthy setup procedures. However, these advanced tools have tremendous potential to increase your output and consistency. Machinery upgrades help manufacturing businesses stay relevant and competitive in the market, so they are definitely worth considering if your operation involves machining, cutting or producing parts.

Energy Saving Programs for Industry

Energy costs are one of the highest expenses for manufacturing firms as in most businesses. Fortunately, federal, state and local agencies offer programs especially designed for the industrial sector. Specifically, electric and natural gas utilities manage many local programs that help your company reduce usage without sacrificing productivity.

By adopting tools and practices that improve workflow, manufacturing companies can increase their productivity, save money and increase safety on the manufacturing floor.


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By adopting tools, such as a scissor table, and practices that improve workflow, manufacturing companies can increase their productivity, save money and increase safety on the manufacturing floor.  

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