Inchcape Shipping Services has long been known for expertise and capabilities as a shipping agent in all areas of surveying. Inchcape recently expanded these marine surveyor capabilities to Singapore, a bunker surveying hub in the maritime industry. The marine surveyor team in Singapore is licensed to undertake all necessary Bunker Survey operations and any other supporting survey operations which may be required. All surveys are undertaken by the shipping agent Inchcape utilizing industry best practices and technology. 

The Inchcape global network permits clients a single global contact point to connect to survey points in almost every part of the globe. Bunker sampling is only one of the many sample and inspection services offered by the industry leader. The process of bunker sampling takes fuel samples from the selected vessel and keeps such samples in serial numbered, tamper-evident containers, locked secure to provide evidence in the event of vessel engine damage or failure. This is in accordance with MARPOL 73/78, the International Convention for the Prevention of Air Pollution of ships. This bunker sampling gives physical evidence in the event of legal proceedings of any type. The term “bunker” in this context originated in the days of old, when steam ships utilized coal, and was later expanded to include the supplying of other fuels, such as oil, for ships. Surveys are undertaken for the purpose of determining fuel cost as well as condition, as fuel cost is an extremely important aspect of the maritime shipping industry. All bunkers and cargo holds are surveyed as to number and condition at commencement and completion of charter. The bunker levels require independent verification so that their value can be determined and agreed upon by all interested parties. 

But this is only one of the many services and surveys global leader Inchcape Shipping Services performs as shipping agent. Inchcape designs services exclusively around the needs of clients. Cargo handling, lashing, and logistical surveys also may be performed. Hatch cover integrity inspections must be performed. Crane inspections may be required to ensure that cranes meet all statutory legal requirements and are suitable for use for a particular application. Draft surveys determine the amount of bulk cargo loaded or discharged from a vessel, which gives and forms an independent measure for the basis of payment and commercial documents in these cases. Inchcape Shipping Services marine survey teams have expertise and knowledge in all areas of maritime shipping. Inchcape can perform pre-purchase inspection surveys of vessels to enable the vital necessary decisions based on condition and operational capabilities. These surveys identify damage to hull and engine and utilize ship records to determine fuel consumption. They identify upcoming maintenance necessary to perform up to international standards. Surveys are vitally necessary to determine vessel condition and ensure all necessary proactive measures are taken.

All of these surveys concern mitigation of risks for the parties involved. They require an independent and respected shipping agent and marine survey operator with deep knowledge of the international maritime industry and the latest technology, such as Inchcape. The Bunker Optimization technology that Inchcape utilizes promotes both excellence in operations and effective cost management. Bunker Optimization combines bunker agency, survey, and launch costs to deliver standardized reporting and cost savings to their customers. According to Frank Olsen, CEO of Inchcape: “Inchcape Marine Survey and Inspection delivers a global survey and inspection solution to the marine industry, utilizing technology and our global network of highly skilled marine surveyors.”