Richard Liu is the founder of Jingdong Company based in China.
He started this company after the contract with Japan Life Company ended, and
Liu Quingdong has gained extensive skills to start and run his own business.
Richard Liu started by selling computer parts, which earned him a lot of money.
He was devoted to making a difference in this supply sector, therefore, dealt
with all authentic products. In 2003 when there was an outbreak of one of the Corona
Viruses known as SARS Liu Quingdong suffered a lot of losses, but this did not
hinder him from running the business. He closed several stores only to venture
into an online selling platform, which is more effective.

About the JD company

Liu Quingdong founded, intending to supply different products to customers across the world. Over the years, the company has established a safe platform where people receive and order goods. deals with a wide range of products ranging from consumer goods to electronics and fashion. Jingdong delivery system is reliable since the management has adopted modern technologies to help in identifying the person who ordered the products. They have taken robots and advanced drones to help monitor traffic and guarantee express delivery. Jingdong is among the e-commerce companies that offer fast and reliable delivery.

Solutions in the Delivery System

Recently when the Corona Virus known as COVID-19 struck, Richard Liu was on the front line to formulate different procedures to help combat the pandemic. This outbreak involves a group of coronavirus that affects many people when they come into contact with other infected persons. Mr. Quingdong dealt with the SARS situation in 2003. Therefore, he understands the primary problems many people and businesses are having. To aid in fighting this pandemic, Jingdong Company established different measures to help other companies as well as their customers.

Jingdong management has expanded the business by introducing
new products that are in demand to help people from attracting this disease.
Among the launched products include masks, alcohol, disinfectant, and goggles.
The company has experienced a considerable increase in logistics with the high
demand for these products that begun in February shortly after the COVID-19
struck. JD Company formulated a medicine procurement platform to aid in supply
and ensuring people are delivered with ordered goods to the comfort of their

Efforts to Remain Active in Business

More than eight million products are delivered through the
JD medicine procurement platform to help people avoid going out to the offline
stores where they risk attracting the disease. JD staff members are devoted and
work 24/7 to deal with online orders and deliveries. In China, many
pharmaceuticals have experienced a downfall since employees are unable to
return to work. On the other hand, JD is in the front line, ensuring that these
pharmaceuticals return to the business to supply medical products across the

JD helps Pharmaceuticals Return to their business

Puren pharmaceutical is among the firms that benefit from JD
by partnering and sharing available resources to supply china Citizens with
medicine. Mr. Quingdong, as the CEO, has shown remorse and dedication to help
other people and help prevent many deaths by working closely with other
pharmaceutical companies. JD delivery system is efficient; therefore, when the
pharmaceuticals return to business, they work together with JD to help with the
supplies. Puren, for instance, donated medical supplies worth more than 100,000
RMB to the coronavirus prevention and control sector based in Guangshui.

JD, on the other hand, helps in delivering these suppliers
to the pharmacies and medical clinics across the country. People of china no
longer complain about access to medicine in the nearest clinic. This initiative
also helps in reducing movements and therefore trying to reduce the number of
infected persons.