No one likes receiving their payslip only to find that they have been underpaid, or holiday allowance has been taken even though they haven’t taken time off. These can be common problems workers face, particularly if they are being paid hourly rates and not a set salary each month. Unhappy workers make for challenges in the workplace, and you must avoid this situation. These individuals work hard to keep your business operating; therefore, you must treat them with respect and make sure they’re getting what they are rightly owed. Make your payroll a priority with these simple tips to keep your staff happy and paid on time. 

Stick to a schedule

If your staff is paid an hourly rate then you will have to submit this information to your payroll team so that each staff member gets accurate pay for what they have worked. This means you must keep a daily record for each staff member. To ensure that this information is sent to your payroll team in time, ask them when they cut off date/time is to send this to them. Then you should set reminders on your phone, computer, or stick a note somewhere in your office to avoid delays and mistakes when it comes to payday. 

Use specialist services

If you’re a small business owner who has only just begun their venture, you might not have a dedicated HR team to organise the payroll for you. You can take on this task yourself, but if you’re worried you won’t have time or are unsure about how to process your staff’s pay properly, consider using payroll services. Outsourcing this task could give you much more time to focus on other aspects of your business while giving you peace of mind knowing that your staff is being paid accurately and on time.

Fix any issues immediately

If an employee comes to you after noticing a mistake on their payslip, do what you can to solve the issues immediately. If you are outsourcing your payroll, contact the service you’re using and talk through the problem with them. Otherwise, contact your in-house payroll team to do the same. This is to make sure that the same mistake is not made again when that employee gets paid next time, and that they will get any money they are owed, etc. as soon as possible or with their next pay.

Update information 

If things change in the office, such as an employee gets a promotion, someone’s holiday is cancelled so they’re coming into work after all, or some other circumstance that will affect their pay, make sure you update the payroll team as soon as possible. Again, this will help to avoid mistakes being made when it comes to your staff’s payslips and saves a lot of hassle trying to resolve those issues later on. Try to pass on this latest information to your payroll team as soon as you have had it confirmed by the employee, or as soon as you can afterward.

Every business should make payroll a priority as everyone deserves to get fair pay for their work. By following these simple tips on how you can prioritise your payroll you will keep your employees happy and give yourself more time to focus on other things.

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