Debt is always the norm of every business be it a business loan or a business credit card. It can help a business grow and expand its reach in the market, from hiring more employees to expanding business space and buying new equipment.

However, it is the level of debt owed, that usually stifles business growth. Too much debt can put your business at risk and suppress its steady cash flow. Therefore, the less debt you owe the better, as it means that you can reinvest more for better business operation.

Consequently, if your business debt is becoming hard to manage you can always find ways to reduce it, to avoid closure or bankruptcy. If it is too serious, you can seek professional help from debt advisors, one credible one is

However, you can start with these few tips and get your business out of debt before paying someone to do it for you.


  • Increase Your Business Revenue


If you need money to pay your debts, then you need to make more money. You can only achieve this seamlessly by increasing your business revenue.

For instance, you can create promotions, pass out coupons, and offer special sales. This way you get more customers. However, be very careful when it comes to discounting your products. Do not overdo it. Otherwise, you might not make any profit.

Likewise, you can also raise the price of your products but not to the point, it scares away the customer. Make sure the value of your products or services is well presented. This way you get more customers willing to buy it at the proposed price.

Moreover, you can increase business revenue by selling off some of your stocked inventory. This is only achievable if you have an excess stockpile of products.


  • Cut Down On Business Costs


Depending on how much debt you have and the nature of your business. You can always make cuts where appropriate like downsizing on business space or getting another affordable space.

You can just make cuts where you think money is being wasted like business decorations and cleaning services. In relation, you can also sell some non-essential business equipment or even split some operational costs like internet services, with other businesses in your line of work.


  • Prioritize Your Business Debt


If you want to get out of debt seamlessly, then you will have to prioritize your debts in accordance with the most critical ones that can melt your business.

Besides, debt can destroy your business relations, so pay up what you owe to the most important creditors first and then proceed down the list to others.

In relation, you should consider the interests and penalties of your debts and make payments for those with larger interest rates and penalties, to avoid bad blood with your creditors.


  • Shorten Payment Terms for Customers


This is only viable if you tend to offer long payment plans for your customers. If the terms stipulated that, they make payments within 90-days. You can shorten it to 45 days or less. This way you get your money faster and start clearing your debts.

Moreover, you can put some penalties in place to ensure that they make the payments within the given time. You can also track late-paying clients, reminding them of their bills and so on. You can hire someone to do the collections, probably a reputable fair-priced debt collection agency.

Also, note that customers always take their time when it comes to paying off debts. Therefore, consider the maximum duration that you can wait for the payments and pass the information to them.


  • Negotiate Better Payment Terms for Your Debt


This is a great way to reduce and even get out of debt. You can ask your creditors to extend the debt payment plan, allow you to make smaller minimum payments and even reduce your interest rates.

You just need to talk to them, as they would rather wait to get their money even in smaller amounts than get no money at all when your business goes under, due to debt.

Creditors would never want your business to close no matter how much money you owe them. So do not be surprised with what they are willing to do for you, to ease your debt payment.


Conclusively, you should always check your books to avoid stumbling into huge debts you cannot pay. The more you keep track of your business finances the less likely you can get into bad debts that can lead to the downfall of your business.

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