The adult-dependent relative visa allows the relatives that meet the criteria mentioned in law to live with their close family in the UK for a long period or even permanently in some scenarios. However, an Adult Dependant visa is only given to applicants who fall under the limited criteria mentioned in the ADR visa law. In this article, we will guide you about the applicants considered eligible and how you can get the desired results for the Adult Dependent visa.

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Overview of an adult dependent relative visa

The adult-dependent relative visa was announced to facilitate the people who require continuous care to live with their close relatives residing in the UK. The applicant is required to show that either due to age, disability, or a chronic illness, needs and long-term care can only be provided rightly by a close relative in the UK who is sponsoring the applicant.

In case the authorities find that the applicant of Adult dependent relative visa meets the criteria of permission to enter the UK as a close relative of a person who has British citizenship or someone who is currently resident in the UK and has permission to settle in the UK then the applicant may be granted indefinite leave to enter and the applicant as permission to stay in the UK for an indefinite period

In case the applicant has a sponsor who is neither British citizenship nor has permission to permanently settle in the UK the applicant will also be granted a limited time visa for a similar time as the sponsor and both would have to leave the country upon expiry of the visa. However, the decision might change based on the applicant’s claim of no requirement of public funds for indefinite leave then the ADR visa holder will also be allowed to apply for indefinite leave.  

Eligible Individuals For ADR Visa

In the immigration laws of the UK, the people who can be sponsored as adult dependent relatives are defined under section E-ECDR of Appendix FM. Following are the people who are allowed to be sponsored:

  • A parent who has age 18 or more
  • A grandparent
  • A sibling of age 18 or more
  • A child of age 18 or more.

Following are requirements for the UK sponsor if they wish to sponsor an adult dependent relative.

  • Has British citizenship or Irish citizen who has permanently settled in the UK
  • An individual with permission to settle in the UK under any visa category.
  • Any individual who is currently residing in the UK based on refugee leave, humanitarian protection, or is an EEA national that has limited leave to remain according to immigration laws in the UK.

Paragraph GEN.1.3.(d) of Appendix FM of immigration laws defines which EEA national can sponsor their Adult dependant relative on the basis on which they are settled in the UK  

Requirements ADR visa

The applicant of an ADR visa needs to fulfil certain requirements that are mentioned in Section E- ECDR (Eligibility for entry clearance).In addition to proving that the applicant is a close relative of the sponsor, it must also be proved that in case the applicant is a parent or grandparent of the applicant must not have any partner who does not have a relation with the sponsor. ADR visa is only given to applicants whose partner is also parent/grandparent of the sponsor and has submitted the application of permission to enter along with the applicant.

Following are the other requirements mentioned in the law that applicants of ADR visas must fulfil:

  • In case the applicant and their partners are a parent or grandparent of the sponsor then it must be proved that either due to age, any chronic illness, or major disability applicant requires long-term care and requires someone to perform everyday tasks for them.
  • In case the applicant is the sponsor’s parent or grandparent then it must be proved that the applicant might not be able to get the required care in the country they are residing in even with the financial and practical assistance from the sponsor.
  • Prove of sponsor meets the financial requirements. It must be proved that the sponsor will be able to accommodate and care for the applicant in the UK without any need for assistance from the public funds.

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