The TradeUP platform allows you to invest money in stocks anytime, from anywhere. By downloading the app, you’ll be able to quickly and easily trade on the go. One tool called a watchlist can be particularly helpful to TradeUP users who are looking to customize their trading space and create a destination in which to receive a quick snapshot of up-to-date market fluctuations with an emphasis on your most important assets.

A watchlist allows you to monitor prospective and current investments. It’s vital to be prepared if you’re to stay ahead of the competitors and achieve a return on investment. TradeUP allows you to create a watchlist which makes monitoring your current and potential investments straightforward. Let’s look at how to create a watchlist on TradeUP.

How do I create a watchlist on TradeUP?

While a portfolio list only includes the stocks you own, TradeUP’s watch list also includes stocks that you’re considering investing in or simply want to track more easily. There are many things to consider when creating a watchlist. Do your research before adding stocks to your personally customized list.

Here are a few best practices from TradeUP experts  to help you create the perfect watchlist.

Start simple

It’s best to create a watchlist that’s based on previous, verifiable knowledge and current market factors. Keeping an eye on about twelve to sixteen stocks is ideal for a trader new to the TradeUP platform. You can increase your watchlist volume with time and experience, but start with a conservative list of your most important stocks to not overwhelm yourself.

You can regularly view and update your watchlist to reflect your current market assets and add new potential stocks you wish to follow more closely. If you decide not to invest in a stock, you can delete it from your list. Your watchlist should always be kept up to date and only include stocks that you own or have a very serious intention to buy.

Use Watchlist criteria to your advantage

Here is a smart TradeUP trading tip every trader should use when they first enter the market using the app.

View a large volume of stocks and then narrow them down based on your criteria.

Knowing what you’re looking for will allow you to be more focused when choosing the stocks to add to your watchlist. Also keep in mind that the stock market is constantly changing, so you’ll have to keep updating and reinventing your watchlist regularly. Ultimately your success on the stock exchange will depend on how well you research the market, stay on top of market trends, and follow the strategies created for you with the help of the TradeUP trading platform.

Analyze patterns that could lead to price changes.

Buying at the right time is critical to the success of your stocks. You can also look out for signs that show potentially noteworthy trends, such as low-price changes with high daily volume increases. Also, keep an eye on daily percentage changes and notice whether the stocks have abnormal average daily volume.

View popular stocks to determine market trends.

Keep an eye on popular stocks to determine what makes them so popular. Viewing popular stocks held in large volumes by other people will allow you to see the up and down trends. This can help you determine what’s likely to become popular in the future, and you can compare these stocks  and their activity to ones that you’re considering buying. Also, you don’t always have to purchase stock in the most popular and news-making companies that hit the market. More often than now the underdog companies make the best investments as they  have room to grow and often they prove  a better investment in the long run than the big brand businesses.


Gaining an in-depth knowledge of the stock market will allow you to create an efficient watchlist. Often there’s a steep learning curve that comes with learning to trade stocks, but it’s worth dedicating the time needed to understand the market if you’re to gain monetary rewards.

You can also analyze the economy to understand the potential issues that can be built into your watchlist. Aim to create your own unique investing style and assess the stocks on your watchlist regularly. Creating your own strategy will improve your chances of turning a profit. Let TradeUP’s watchlist be a part of your marketplace success today.



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