Nowadays, maternity bandages are gaining ever-greater popularity among mothers-to-be and doctors. These products are recommended to be worn starting from 20 to 25 weeks of pregnancy either for medical indications or to improve the women’s general health and prevent severe skin stretching.

How to choose the right maternity bandage is an urgent issue for pregnant women. As you can find a wide range of these products on the market, it is crucial to choose the best suitable model.

1) Model

The market offers two main types of such bandages: maternity panties, for example, the BabyPanty 1759 model, or maternity belts that look like elastic bands, for instance, the T-1118 model (it has a universal 2-in-1, pre-delivery, and post-delivery modifications). The first option has some disadvantages. Since you will wear it like underwear, you’ll have to buy several pairs to maintain the appropriate hygiene routine. Besides, this type is not suitable for women rapidly gaining weight because the panties will exert pressure rubbing your skin, and then, you’ll have to buy other, one size larger panties. Therefore, a maternity belt is more versatile and practical, as multi-level fasteners on it allow you to adjust it to the appropriate size.

2) Efficiency

To buy a good product, we advise you to choose among well-known highly-reputed manufacturers being on the market for a long time and having many years of experience in bandage products manufacturing. Pre-delivery and post-delivery bandages made by Trives and Anita have shown good results. Check if the product has the registration certificate issued by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. To get that certificate, the product must undergo clinical and preclinical trials. Consequently, you will highly likely buy a product that will ensure clinical efficacy and won’t harm you and your baby’s health.

3) Wearing comfort

Always choose the maternity bandage manufactured from a quality fabric that provides good moisture and air exchange and contains natural threads. It should not rub your skin or cause allergies. It should be practical and comfortable. High-quality Velcro fasteners will ensure its durable wear (in low-quality products, they often wear out very quickly). Moreover, special plastic stiffeners will help you relieve the load on your spine — that’s particularly true for women having problems with it.

4) Size

It is important to choose the correct size so that when you wear your maternity bandage, you won’t feel any discomfort or pressure. Each manufacturer has its own size guide, using which you can quite easily find out the appropriate size. However, it would be best for you to try on the product and find out how you feel wearing it.

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