outdoor dining at home

Because of coronavirus health recommendations and the simple desire to get more fresh air, people spend more time entertaining outdoors today than in the past. This trend has caused many homeowners to realize there is more to being a good host than preparing food. It also involves consideration for guests’ comfort when setting up outdoor dining spaces.

Great Outdoor Dining Begins with Great Furniture

An outdoor dining set is usually first on the shopping list for homeowners who have decided to entertain guests on their patio or porch. However, choosing the right outdoor dining set isn’t always an easy choice. People need to consider the following factors:

  • Cushion type
  • Durability of materials
  • Materials used
  • Size of the entire set
  • Types of chairs
  • Unique features
  • Value of the set, which extends beyond just the price
  • Whether the outdoor dining set comes with any extensions

The tips below provide insight into how consumers can evaluate the above criteria to ensure the perfect outdoor patio set for their backyard.

Start by Choosing the Right Table and Chairs

Everything that happens at an outdoor gathering centers around the table. One thing that can make it easier for people to choose an appropriate table is to consider what type of dining experience they wish to create. A formal outdoor setting typically calls for a longer table with square or rounded ends.

On the other hand, a round table works best for more informal events where the hosts and guests know each other well. By knowing the average number of guests expected, homeowners can narrow down the table choices.

The height of the table is an essential consideration just like the style of table. Outdoor tables set at a higher height are associated with more formal events while lower tables can set the tone for a more relaxing lunch or dinner. Before bringing any new outdoor dining set home, homeowners should measure their available space to make sure it can accommodate a table and chairs.

Every chair’s height should match the table height to avoid bumped knees from sitting up too high or the inability to enjoy conversation when sitting too low. Remember that guests need enough space between chairs to get up and move freely without disturbing anyone else. Chair style and cushion comfort are additional considerations here.

Type of Material Makes a Big Difference

A table and chairs constructed from wrought iron would be appropriate for a windy climate but might look out of place in other environments. People should consider their climate and likelihood of severe weather when selecting the best materials for their outdoor dining set. The most common types of material used to construct outdoor dining sets include aluminum, concrete, teak, wrought iron, and wicker. However, other options might be available.

The materials used to construct chair cushions also matters. Homeowners located in areas of the country that see a lot of moisture would do well with polyurethane foam. The foam works well because water tends to run off the cushion without soaking it.

Polyester cushion materials are a less popular choice because the cushion erodes faster when exposed to any type of moisture. Placing a slipcover over every outdoor chair cushion helps extend longevity regardless of the type of materials it contains.

After factoring in the above decisions, it’s time to select the perfect outdoor dining set. A a result, you’ll enjoy more time outdoors with friends and family.

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