The virtual office can provide a slew of benefits for employees and their companies. With new technology becoming available almost every day, both business and employee gain access to an ever-growing variety of internet services with no need to be in any particular physical address. This lets companies have a presence in any country, in any neighborhood, really, that they choose. And there’s no moving or set up expense. The growing cadre of remote workers will continue to benefit in many ways from this expanding mindset

A sane balance

Balancing career and personal time is always a challenge. For remote workers it can become easier, since there is no commute to worry about. The problem is that a home office is hard to always keep separate from family and friends; they may feel free to drop in at any time for a visit, which can be very disruptive — so remote workers should always make sure that their employer provides an alternative location that is not too difficult to get to, for the sake of sanity and productivity.

Increased productivity

Sometimes it’s easier to achieve higher motivation levels with a virtual office than in a dim cubicle, or even an open work station inside some cold and formal building. Surveys show that many remote workers log in more hours with higher productivity when away from a formal office setting, with job engagement peaking much longer. The best blend for many, however, is to split the work week into several days remote and then several days at the office. 

Remote no longer means unavailable or difficult to reach

Because of the internet it’s easy for remote workers to stay in touch with their company. The many means of staying in touch include smartphones, video conferencing, and a host of other communication apps that mean two-way communication, from worker to manager and from manager to worker, is usually just a matter of pushing a button or clicking on an icon. Consultations and conferences can take place virtually anywhere at all, from a coffee shop to a public park — as well as from the comfort of home.

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