Cybersecurity awareness training is a critical component of any organization’s security posture. Without it, users are left exposed to potential threats and can unwittingly put your company at risk. To ensure that your employees remain vigilant and cyber aware, here are seven tips on how often you should conduct cybersecurity awareness training in your organization:

1. Conduct Cybersecurity Awareness Training at Least Once per Quarter

Quarterly training ensures that new employees receive the most up-to-date security information, while seasoned veterans maintain their knowledge base. It also gives you an opportunity to introduce new topics or technologies into the curriculum.

2. Provide Additional Training for Employees with Access to Key Systems

High value personnel and those with access to sensitive information should receive additional training throughout the year. This helps ensure that they remain vigilant in their access and use of key systems, reducing risk to the organization.

3. Customize Training Based on User Needs

Not all users have the same knowledge level or experience when it comes to cybersecurity awareness. Take the time to tailor your training based on individual needs, ensuring that everyone is comfortable with the material presented.

4. Make Training Mandatory for New Hires

New hires often come from different backgrounds and may not have had much exposure to cyber security issues before joining your company. Make sure they get up-to-date information right away, and make it mandatory for them to complete certain levels of training prior to starting work.

5. Use a Variety of Training Techniques

Cybersecurity awareness training doesn’t have to be boring. Incorporate different techniques, such as videos, case studies, and hands-on exercises, in order to keep participants engaged and interested.

6. Utilize Multiple Platforms for Delivery

Different platforms can provide a more effective way of delivering the material than if you just conduct classroom-style sessions every quarter. Consider utilizing online learning tools or even mobile apps that employees can access on their own time.

7. Measure User Understanding with Assessments

Conduct surveys or tests after each session to ensure that users understand the concepts and instructions they were presented with during training. This gives you valuable insight into the effectiveness of your program and allows you to make changes where necessary.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your organization conducts effective cybersecurity awareness training on a regular basis. Doing so will help reduce risk and keep users informed about current cyber threats.

Good luck!