Remodeling can transform your house, increase its value and help reduce energy bills; but it can be expensive.

Remodels require careful consideration of every step involved, even those less exciting like selecting Carrara marble. Here are some key items to keep in mind during a remodel:

Preparatory Work

Home remodeling often has hidden costs, with preparatory work such as taking down fixtures and drywall removal before beginning construction being one of them.

Remodelers will conduct an assessment to assess your home and determine what work needs to be done before providing an estimate, though as they cannot see behind walls until demolition begins this initial estimate may change as more extensive work becomes evident – for instance termite infestation or rotten wood could increase significantly the project costs.

Home remodeling requires that you move out and store or transport all of your possessions, which may incur additional storage or moving expenses. Furthermore, if you work from home and must take time away from your job to make the changes needed to remodel successfully this could cost money through lost productivity; making selections for new materials may require time away from work as well as travel to showrooms for selections.


Quality materials play a pivotal role in the cost of any home remodel project, and choosing premium options such as hardwood flooring or marble countertops can add significant value and increase resale potential of your property.

Paint, insulation, cabinets and lighting fixtures must also be purchased; their prices can differ depending on which supplier is used; purchasing multiple pieces in bulk often reduces overall costs per item.

Certain home renovation projects require permits, which can add extra fees quickly. Additional costs can include asbestos removal or encapsulation before any construction work can begin.

Travel expenses will likely incur when meeting with contractors and visiting showrooms to make selections, while vacate expenses due to disruptions caused by remodeling can add up quickly – consider using PODS or another storage provider like them as they could minimize these expenses and their disruptions to daily life and work life.


One of the largest costs of home remodel is labor. While this amount will depend on each project, hourly rates for contractors often range between $20 – $150 an hour.

Finding a builder who truly cares about the success of your whole home renovation is essential to its success. That means working to stay on schedule and respecting budget, while at the same time not cutting corners on quality or work.

Remodeling can add significant value to your home and make it more desirable to prospective buyers, but it’s essential to be aware of how a full home remodel could increase property taxes significantly. To prevent any surprises down the line, consult with your local tax assessor in order to establish what your home’s new value will be following renovation – particularly if structural modifications or additions are involved.


Renovations that include structural changes or additions, such as removing load-bearing walls, require a permit. This covers inspections, zoning requirements, insurance costs and consultation with an engineer that could cost between $300-700 depending on how extensively load bearing walls need to be removed.

Renovation projects requiring plumbing or electrical work typically require permits from local authorities; these costs should not be forgotten when planning their remodel project. Permits are especially essential if you live in a co-op or condo building, which typically have more stringent regulations regarding remodeling and may even mandate minimum requirements for construction insurance coverage. Sweeten helps homeowners experience a more enjoyable home renovation process by matching trusted general contractors to projects and offering expert guidance and support throughout. NYC Department of Buildings permits for electrical construction can cost close to $900 while plumbing permits typically range between $300-500. Our aim is to make home renovation experiences smoother by matching homeowners with qualified general contractors that specialize in their field and offering expert guidance and advice throughout renovation processes.

By Rob