doctor talking to patient about brain scans

The Coronavirus pandemic has indeed created a dialogue around the emphasis society has placed on health and wellness, and whether it has treated this important subject with the incredible amount of importance it deserves. According to health experts like Helen Lee Schifter, this has been in part the product of a broad problem that has gotten worse over time, having to do with the neglect of people in positions of power and influence to highlight and educate people about the importance of their health and wellness.

Indeed, while health experts have sought to maximize awareness and shed light on the importance of these issues, few have actually heeded their calls and consistent warnings. In the meantime, the youth of society have been plagued with an awful obesity epidemic that has absolutely ravaged that demographic. Although there are prominent figures in American political life like former First Lady Michelle Obama who have indeed expended effort on shedding light on this issue, it has not been adequate.

There needs to be an influencer-driven campaign, says Helen Lee Schifter. As the media environment continues becoming more and more celebrity-driven, it’s become more evident that young people especially, are most prone to listening to influencers and celebrities they look up-to. But this should be utilized in a constructive way, by encouraging these influencers to communicate the importance of health and wellness to the younger generation.

Indeed, this is a conversation and dialogue that is long overdue; and should have taken place many years ago. But now that a health pandemic of the scope and magnitude of the Coronavirus has hit us, people are finally waking up to the scope of the problem. Its breadth is enormous; and it needs to be taken far more seriously than ever before. Let’s hope this becomes an inflection point of sorts in that regard.