There are a lot of things to think about when starting a business. But one of your most important decisions is who to partner with. Not just anyone can be a great co-founder. According to Lynton Crosby, co-founder of CT Group, a London-based consultancy, you need someone with similar values, complementary skill sets, a good communicator, and commitment. Here are four qualities of a great co-founder.

Similar Values

There are many reasons why co-founders should share the same values and be on the same page regarding the company’s mission and goals:

  1. It creates a sense of unity and purpose within the team. Working together towards common goals becomes easier when everyone is aligned with the company’s vision.
  2. It helps to avoid conflict and misunderstandings down the road. Suppose co-founders have different values or goals for the company. In that case, it can lead to disagreements and ultimately make it more challenging to achieve success.
  3. Sharing the same values and being on the same page concerning the company’s mission and goals makes it easier to build trust and credibility with investors, customers, and other important stakeholders.

Complementary Skill Sets

According to Sir Lynton Crosby, any successful business results from a team effort, and that team starts with the co-founders. For a company to be successful, the co-founders must have complementary skill sets that allow them to work together effectively. For example, one founder might have a background in marketing, while the other has experience in finance. One might be an extrovert who is good at networking, while the other is introverted and excels at research. The most important thing is that the co-founders complement each other so they can balance and cover all the necessary bases. By having different skill sets, they can approach problems from different angles and come up with creative solutions that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Good Communication

Running a successful business is no easy feat. In addition to the countless hours of work and dedication required, it also takes a strong team of individuals who can communicate openly and honestly with each other.

Sir Crosby says co-founders must have honest conversations with each other. This means giving and receiving feedback without fear of judgment or retribution. It also means being able to openly discuss disagreements and brainstorm solutions together.

Another critical reason why co-founders need to be able to communicate well with each other is that they need to be able to build trust. Trust is essential between business partners. Co-founders need to trust that they can rely on each other for help and support when things get tough. They also need to know that they can count on each other to follow through on commitments and agreements.


Starting a company is no easy feat. Getting a business off the ground takes time, energy, and dedication. Crosby believes it is vital that each co-founder is fully committed to the company and willing to put in the hard work necessary for success.

There are a few reasons why this is so important. First, when everyone is working towards the same goal, it’s more likely that the company will be successful. If even one person isn’t pulling their weight, it can drag the whole team down. Second, co-founders fully committed to the company are more likely to stick around during tough times. They’re not going to give up when things get tough – instead, they’ll dig in and work even harder to ensure the company succeeds.


So, if you’re thinking about starting a company, make sure you have a team of co-founders with similar values, complementary skill sets that can communicate and are committed. Do you have any tips or advice on how to find a great co-founder? Share them with Lynton in the comments below!

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