With homes changing across the country, one of the biggest rising interior design trends in the past few years has been industrial chic – or the use of industrial materials to make a home feel more atmospheric and exciting. In this article, we’ll be looking at one particular type of industrial chic fitting – and one that can make your home feel incredibly stylish: the exposed pipe. Whether used in your kitchen or your bathrooms, these pipes can add a spice of something different to your home when you’re next refitting it.

Exposed Pipes

Exposed pipes ordinarily look like a job half-done. Pipes in our homes are typically hidden from view inside walls, and they’re usually plastic, which means they’re less attractive to view. But, when you deliberately leave these pipes exposed on your walls, and you use metal instead of plastic, you’re essentially overturning the idea that your home’s utilities and piping ought to be covered and hidden. This exciting innovation is hitting homes across the country and is especially popular in minimalist and modern homes. You can see for yourself what interior designers have achieved inside homes by searching for exposed piping online.


Exposed pipes can either be used practically, aesthetically or for both purposes. In other words, you can either use exposed pipes as a purely decorative touch in your home, or you can fit these pipes with water flowing through them. For those latter pipes, they’ll be located in the bathroom and in the kitchen: key places where you’ll be using a sink. These can look excellent when set against simple interiors, and can really steal the show by being the main feature in a bathroom that’s otherwise rather plain.

Getting Materials

If you’re interested in experimenting with exposing piping, it’s worth looking online for the types of pipes you’ll be able to purchase. Generally speaking, you’ll be able to purchase copper pipes, with vibrant colour, or stainless-steel pipes, with a cold metallic gleam. You can also purchase Black malleable pipe fittings – for a more moody and sophisticated look. Once you have your pipes purchased and ready to fit, you’ll be able to work out how you arrange them in your kitchen or bathroom to provide the water that you need in these areas, but through a more rudimentary – and stylish – type of pipe.

Throughout Your Home

If you’re thrilled with the results of your exposed piping experiment, there’s scope for you to dot these pipes throughout your home – with them coming out of walls in each of your rooms, and even contributing to the furniture of your home – like in shelving, tables and TV stands. The strength of these pipes – and the fact that there are so many components that you can fit to make them into endless shapes – means that they’re perfect for the kind of experimentation that all DIY fans love to do in their free time. Buy more supplies, fit different configurations, and have fun with the exposed piping trend this year. 

Use these tips to build an exposed piping aesthetic in your home this year. 

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