Moving a business without affecting productivity is a concern for many business owners that have decided to make a move. While moving premises is a plausible solution for many reasons, which can include reducing expenses and even appealing to a larger local audience. However, even though you may not be able to keep productivity levels untouched while moving, you will be able to move without becoming completely stagnant with the following effective solutions.

Storing Excess Equipment

Rather than attempting to complete the entirety of the move in just a day, it would be more reasonable to consider which equipment can be stored, and which is essential for business functions. You will then be able to start storing additional equipment with the help of garages to rent over short-term periods. Once the excess is out of the way, for the time being, you will be able to move your basic essential equipment to the new premises in a shorter time frame and ultimately keep your employees productive in the process.

Move Skeleton Staff First

Your skeleton staff are the employees that keep the core of your business functioning, and even though your other employees are by no means unnecessary, you should categorize employees to determine skeleton staff. Moving core staff members over first means your business will keep functioning while you are able to focus on moving the rest of your business to the new premises. You may be able to let your skeleton staff keep our business running for as long as one week while you are handling the rest of the move. What’s more, your additional staff can be designated to assist with the move to streamline the process.

Advertise Your Move

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when moving business premises is to neglect advertising methods that will inform your existing customers and clients of your new location. This mistake can cost you dearly. Therefore, you should advertise your move with just as much attention to detail as you have been advertising your business.

Replacing Old With New

If you are able to afford the costs of some new equipment and office furniture, you will be able to keep productivity levels high by replacing old with new. The investment is definitely worth it as you will be able to keep your staff working while you are handling the move. Storing the old equipment would also be wise as you can later donate or sell used equipment it rather than just throwing it out. 

Create A Timeline For The Move

By creating a timeline for your move, you will be able to gain real insight that will account for all the important details. Even though many business owners assume a move is not that much of a challenge, your timeline and schedule will ensure you are making bookings on time for movers and keeping your staff productive during the move. Thorough planning is ultimately the key to moving business premises without harming productivity.

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