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If you are about to finish your education and are getting ready to enter the job market, your choices are important, and you need to take a look at the future, looking for an industry with a future. Deciding how you are going to spend the next 40 years is not an easy matter, and your prime requisite should lie with your interests.

Here are a few industries to consider.

Hi-Tech Logistics

This is a growing industry that promises a very rosy future for those with digital skills, and if you would like to know more about white glove services, check out one of the leading UK providers at, who are always looking for trainee technicians. What exactly is white glove service? When you commute to work, you take for granted the automated access control on the Underground and the many vending machines, not to mention the digital ad boards that seem to have sprung up overnight, well this equipment has to be transported, installed and configured, ready for use. The white glove provider handles the logistics and will also carry out servicing and maintenance.

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain technology is blossoming, large due to the fact that it is virtually un-hackable. Bitcoins runs on a blockchain platform and governments are starting to use blockchain to store their critical data, such as driving licences, passports and property titles. Blockchain developers are at the upper end of the pay scale, and if you have what it takes, this would be a very lucrative and challenging sector. The blockchain is made up of many individual blocks of data, with each interconnected to the one before and after, and the only way to alter the data is to add more blocks, and this ‘open ledger’ system is the safest way we know to secure data, while authorised people always have access and can update at any time.


People will always get sick and if you like working with people and would like to play a part in patient treatment and recovery, the medical profession might be for you. Many doctors began their career as nurses, and this is an exciting time to get into medicine, with stem cell technology developing along with other new technologies. You might prefer natural remedies and this is a growing industry, as eastern medicine merges with the western, drug-based treatments, and natural healing is a very satisfying career to move into.


If you are good with your hands and enjoy things mechanical, the robotics industry is at the start of its development, making this the perfect time to get involved. Factories around the world are enjoying fully automated processes, and these systems need to be made, installed and maintained, so if you love physics and the sciences, robotics would make an ideal choice.

The whole world is at your feet and the decisions you make now will very much shape your life, so do take your time when choosing a career path.

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