There are an estimated 100 million daily smokers in Europe alone. Numerous studies published in biomedical journals indicate that CBD can treat addiction. In particular, two studies from the UK have shown that it can help people quit smoking.

With the developing notoriety of CBD for treating addiction, individuals have found that it can likewise be an incredible option in contrast to smoking.  The UK is now a leader in the sale of some of the best CBD capsules. Many users smoke these to help get rid of their habit. CBD is also helpful to treat many health issues.

What does the research say regarding the usages of CBD?

A study by Freidbert Weiss found positive results on the use of CBD to treat addiction. While this study was conducted on packaged cocaine or alcohol addiction in rats, it does highlight the power of CBD against addiction. Specialists have since a long time ago hypothesized that “drugs that change the endocannabinoid framework might be a successful treatment for nicotine dependence,” however, more research is required.

How does it work?

The point is, quitting smoking is more than overcoming a physical addiction; it is also about breaking a habit, which is complex and can cause a lot of stress for the addicted smoker. Smoking vaping CBD in e-liquid form could relieve stress and anxiety and replace the habit. The fact that CBD also naturally decrease anxiety and assists with relaxation is a bonus. A lot of smokers continue to smoke simply because they enjoy inhaling a substance that helps them relax.

How to use CBD to quit smoking?

The use of cannabis to quit smoking is nothing new. For years, a large number of people have successfully used cannabis as an alternative to cigarettes. THC, along with CBD, has relaxing effects that can reduce anxiety and stress. However, smoking THC is illegal and has some side effects. It is challenging to keep in mind that CBD is not a psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant. It offers medical benefits without impact on the brain. It is convenient to use every day and even at work.

CBD oil is derived from hemp with a THC level limited to 0.2%. There are many options for buying CBD products to quit smoking: oils, pastes, capsules, e-liquids.

Studies have also shown that taking an everyday dose of CBD can help with withdrawal from other substances, such as opioids and cocaine. 

CBD oil

Its use has become so popular that it is now available around the world. Many of the most effective quitting techniques involve replacing your smoking habits with new, healthier habits, such as going for a walk after eating or having a cup of tea during the time that you would typically have a cigarette. Replacing tobacco cigarettes with CBD cigarettes is not a long-term solution, but it can help with the transition.

Therefore, it is healthier to smoke CBD or take it orally as oil or an edible such as candy or gum. Studies have shown that taking an everyday dose of CBD products can help addicts recover and stop taking other substances in turns, such as opioids or cocaine. Also, CBD oil can be used to treat many health issues without any advert effect on health.

Conclusion: Currently, in places where marijuana is legal, various products are made only with CBD, which offers the benefits linked to the plant without the adverse psychological effects. Therefore, if someone seeks to break the habit, it would have to be exclusively through CBD.

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