Financial literacy is a key skill that determines human prosperity. For an entrepreneur, this skill is especially important because improper cash flow management can threaten the very existence of an enterprise. Small business owners often make a critical mistake: they mix personal and company finances. This is strongly discouraged. How to properly manage business money? You will need one or more business bank accounts. 

Specifics of a business account 

Why can’t you use a regular personal account for your business? The answer is quite simple: a business needs an entirely different functionality when conducting financial transactions than individuals. Often, legislation requires business owners to open company accounts. However, do not think that a business account is wrong, expensive, and incomprehensible. On the contrary, it will become much easier to manage cash flows after its opening.

Before opening a business account, carefully consult with the manager of a financial institution. If you are not a financier, it may be difficult for you to understand each clause of the contract. However, the right agreement will undoubtedly increase the financial efficiency of your enterprise. In addition, aspiring entrepreneurs can receive numerous bonuses and discounts, which will be useful if your company is just starting out.

The process of opening a business account is quite simple. You will need several documents and a couple of days. After completion, you can give access to your accountant and everyone involved in financial management. Thus, you can always monitor the status of your business account, and the operations themselves will be performed by qualified employees. 

What to consider? 

Let’s now talk about how to choose the right business account. The first factor to pay attention to is cost. Some tariff plans will cost you for free, while others require a monthly fee. Also, some financial institutions offer entrepreneurs a commission-free period of 12-18 months. Only after the expiration of this period does the fee begin to be charged.

Be sure to think about convenience. So, for example, there should be a convenient application with all the necessary functions. Another factor is flexibility. How easy is it for you to change tariff plans in case of scaling or to create additional accounts? Choosing a business account for a company is a responsible task that largely influences your financial success. 

Do not struggle with a choice 

If you are choosing the best financial instrument for your company, pay attention to Fondy Flow. This is one of the best business accounts. It is designed specifically for small and medium entrepreneurs and offers the most up-to-date functions. Thus, you can easily manage multiple sub-accounts, automate payments and enjoy advanced features. With Fondy, you will surely save your time and get first-class service at an affordable price.

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