There are various reasons why people decide to study while working. For many, studying can be pretty strenuous; how much more when you have a full-time job?

Before becoming overwhelmed, it might be comforting to know that there have been many people before you that have successfully attempted this.

If you’re currently in a career you enjoy, you’ve an advantage over others who still need to find a job after studying. You also have the benefit of earning a salary, which is a bonus financially.

Here are a few points to consider if you’re planning to study while working:

Have a Detailed Plan

Once you’ve received your schedule from your study institution, record all important dates on your year planner at home. Do the same with meeting dates and deadlines relating to your work. Plotting these on a planner will help you plan to avoid unnecessary stress.

Create a plan that’ll help you achieve your goals on their due dates. One example is to start your assignments when you receive them to complete them as soon as possible. You might have an emergency at work that could interfere with your study schedule, but the headstart will give you a breather. 

Planning is also necessary at home. You should have a designated area where you could work uninterrupted and is kept well organized. Knowing where everything is will prevent unnecessary stress.

Time Management

Making good use of your time is crucial. This would mean that you should use any free time to study or complete assignments. Leave from work can also be used in a way that’ll benefit your studies, but also allow yourself time to relax and destress. 

During an exam period, you could read through study notes while on a lunch break at work. Although socializing is essential and a way to wind down, you might have to cut down on this when you have assignments due or need to prepare for an exam.

Take Care of Yourself

The one unavoidable thing is stress. The best thing to do is to deal with it positively. 

Being physically active is a good stress reliever. Creating some time in your schedule for a walk or a gym workout will go a long way toward helping you through those difficult times.

Ensure that you get enough rest and follow a healthy diet. You might experience tension headaches or muscle pains as a result of the stress. Having a massage or acupuncture can relieve the tension and ease headaches. Oakville massage and wellness clinic offers these services.


Studying while working is something that you can accomplish and that others won’t even attempt. It’ll take lots of hard work and dedication. Start with creating a detailed plan of what your daily schedule will look like. 

Manage your time so that you’re able to use any free time productively. However, you should balance your work and study with some recreational and exercise time as well. Taking care of yourself is crucial in succeeding in your studies. 

If you keep focussing on your goal and reminding yourself of the benefits you’ll achieve, you are halfway there. Good luck!

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