There’s nothing like booze to ferment a relationship!

Even the strongest of connections is tried to the limits by binge or problem drinking. Add enough alcohol and relationship problems are inevitable.

Keep reading to discover how alcohol can leave you with more than just your martini being shaken. Not only left with a hangover but an overwhelming sense of isolation as well.

Here are 5 ways that alcohol and relationship problems go hand in hand.

1. How Could You Say That?

Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, and as Seinfeld used to say, it leads to a person professing their love or hatred for everyone around them. This can prove problematic depending on how you feel and who’s around you.

How many relationship problems start with jealousy?

One person having a few too many and flirting with someone else, or tearing the people around them down until it crosses a line. Sometimes too far to ever go back.

Alcohol can make someone brutally honest or incredibly cruel. It can make you a cheating liar or an embarrassing fool. Being drunk isn’t an excuse but is the reason for many a person putting their foot in their mouth.

You’ll feel isolated if you’re in the doghouse or sleeping on the couch and even more so if you cross a line that makes loved ones distance themselves from you or cut off contact altogether.

2. What Did You Do?

Billions of bad decisions are made each year because of alcohol. Most of those choices have some effect on at least one relationship, possibly all the relationships in a person’s life.

Over 47% of violent crimes in the UK are committed while the offender’s under the influence of alcohol.

You’re more likely to be the victim of a crime if you’ve consumed alcohol as well. 200,000 to 300,000 are victims of violence each year and the majority of those offences are happening around closing time on weekends and students drink nights.

More than 32% of domestic assaults in the UK are alcohol-related. 

Any dealing with the law or involving violence is stressful for everyone involved and hard on any relationship going through it. 

If you’re facing any of these situations because of your or a loved one’s alcohol consumption you can find a program to help stop the cycle and get everyone’s life back on track.

3. Who Are You?

Many people describe a loved one as “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” when they’re drinking. It’s hard for a relationship to survive that kind of anxiety leading to feelings of guilt for the alcoholic and resentment for the loved ones.

Communication breaks down when one partner is telling their problems to a bottle of booze instead of their significant other. The more a person drinks the more they use it as a coping mechanism leading to isolation and distance from others.

A person who is feeling lost needs to set up goals not pints!

4. Alcohol and Relationship Problems at Work

Your partnership may not be the only relationship affected by your drinking. Many people who struggle with alcohol issues have difficulties at work due to absenteeism, poor performance and attitude.

5. Alcohol and Your Social Circle

Often when someone makes drinking a priority or alcohol becomes a focus they seek out like-minded friends. This can mean once close connections suffer while relationships solely based on alcohol-related activities tend to be more about the booze than the emotional connection. 

You Deserve More

You deserve more in life than letting alcohol and relationship problems rob you of happy and healthy bonds with the people in your life. 

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