Wooden mosaics can be really beautiful to look at, whether it’s at a museum, garden or even within the home. Although there are gorgeous wooden mosaics that are timeless and found within structures around the world, you don’t have to be a sixteenth century mosaic craftsman to incorporate the beauty into your own home. With tutorials and the right materials, you could easily create some beautiful mosaic pieces in your space.

We’ve gathered up a few ideas from L’Antic Colonial for gorgeous wooden mosaics to get you inspired and show you just how versatile wooden mosaics can be. From larger spaces to smaller pieces of art, you just can’t go wrong with these gorgeous pieces.

  1. Wooden Board
    This gorgeous wooden board piece is an interesting mosaic piece since it has so much texture. The pieces of the board that are standing above the others adds a sort of depth perception to the entire piece. This would make an amazing side wall in a garden or even within a home dining room area. You could associate a piece like this to be as large or small as you need in order to fit in appropriately with withstanding décor.
  2. Walnut Shapes
    This wooden mosaic piece is comprised out of beautiful walnut shapes. This would make a gorgeous backsplash in the kitchen or even along a hallway for some extra special paneling. Whatever you decide to use this beautiful wooden piece for, it will looks stunning in all sorts of settings and your guests will not be able to take their eyes off of it.
  3. Weathered Wood
    This weathered wooden mosaic piece is so interesting to look at and would look fantastic in a more rustic setting. This would especially look great within a garden setting or even in a foyer. You can easily incorporate these raw, weathered wooden pieces into a shape yourself since all you really need to do is scale out the project and follow accordingly. It’s almost like you’re creating your very own puzzle.

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