It is an age old tradition to propose marriage with a ring. An engagement ring symbolizes the commitment a couple has to each another.

Choosing an engagement ring is not a stress-free task; sometimes, it is a joint decision but most of the time, it is left up to the groom. In this type of situation, it is challenging to find a perfect ring for the groom to gift her. 

If you’re thinking about asking your girlfriend to marry you, we are pretty sure she’ll be excited over the ring you’ve selected, and that is where our team can help you. Yes, Hatton Garden rings can help you to create your own engagement ring. You have to choose a diamond, and ring style and they make a beautiful ring which your fiancée will love. 

Here we also have some valuable tips for your engagement ring.

  1. Decide Your Budget

We also believe that money does not matter what matters is your love and affection. But if you want to make your fiancée happy you can invest in her ring. If you decide your budget earlier, it allows you to fully explore all your options when it comes to style, design, and center stone characteristics. There are no rules for a person about how much he should spend on a ring, and you can spend according to your budget. 

  1. Choose a Ring Design

Selecting a ring design may be a challenging part of purchasing an engagement ring. For this purpose, you can take online help for ideas. To make your difficulty in selecting an engagement ring easy, we are sharing some beautiful ring styles with you. 

Three Stone Ring

Two or three stone rings are fashionable, and girls love to wear it as an engagement ring. The center stone is a little larger than the other two. 

Cluster Engagement Ring

This style is also famous among girls. It comes in different styles of plethora, sometimes every stone in the ring similarly sized or other times feature a middle stone. 

Solitaire Ring

This style highlights the center stone alone. A solitaire ring showcases any diamond beautifully. It allows a lot of versatility. 

  1. Give an Importance to 4Cs

If you are buying a diamond ring, then you should know how the diamond is classified. It is graded according to its carat, color, clarity, and cut. The balance between these factors helps you to get a perfect engagement ring. 

Carat: it is the most obvious factor of buying a diamond ring. It is the way of measuring the weight of a diamond. 

Cut: A diamond’s cut is related to its beauty. When a diamond has been appropriately cut, the diamond’s ability to refract and reflect light is enhanced. Modern cutters have established to cut diamonds in specific angles and proportions that are known to increase the inner brilliance and to show the diamond in its best light.

Color: A diamond color caused the nitrogen that was present when it was under the Earth’s crust. A less color diamond exhibit greater fire and brilliance, the diamond with such characteristics known as more valuable and rare.

Clarity: it is another essential factor. A diamond stone with structural imperfections such whitish or cloudy surface or tiny cracks does not consider a quality diamond for engagement rings.

These factors will surely help you to choose the perfect ring for her to make your day special and memorable. 

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