The year 2020 was complex. Before the global pandemic hit, the world moved on an established course. After March, things spiraled in a completely different direction.

Shopping habits changed, and interaction between people adjusted. Activities at home shifted. To deal with all these changes, technology in these areas developed fast:

  • Online shopping
  • Curbside pickup and home delivery
  • Online entertainment
  • Work from home
  • Digital payment
  • Telehealth

Online Shopping

Daily trips to grocers became a thing of the past. Communities around the world limited access to stores to prevent outbreaks. Some countries enforced lockdowns.

Shopping in Pajamas

For health and convenience, stores expanded online storefronts. Before COVID, research shows that 3% of households shopped online. By November, 45% of households were frequent online shoppers.

Curbside and Home Delivery

With the rise in online shopping, steps to limit contact increased. Curbside and home delivery experienced a boom. 

Doggy Bag, Please

Companies like DoorDash found the increased business a giant boost to their sales. An urgent need for delivery drivers to deliver groceries and meals made them vital. Restaurants stayed open with customers still ordering.

Online Entertainment

For years, streaming services have dominated online entertainment. The pandemic further illustrated that fact. However, less contact meant entertainment on the web grew to include other areas.

Reaching Out in New Ways

Musicians staying at home held streamed concerts. Social clubs got together using meeting software. Virtual tours kept museums open.

Work from Home

Remote working was not new. Virtual private networks (VPNs) made it an option years ago. It was never widely used. 

Give Me One Reason to Stay

COVID-19 made working from home necessary for many employers and employees. Instead of working from home to stay with the children, everyone stayed at home to avoid contracting COVID. Experts say telework won’t disappear anytime soon.

Digital Payment

Like working from home, digital payment was nothing new. The first online processor, PayPal, officially launched in 1999! The emphasis on contactless interactions between people made it vital going forward. Cash was no longer king. 

Same Pay, Less Checks

Digital payment also extends beyond paying for goods online. It also means paying teleworkers because rent and bills did not disappear. Companies have reached out to help filers get ready for tax season. Click here to read the full post on getting ready for tax season. 


People weren’t immune to sickness. The pandemic brought massive fear on the scale of Black Plague proportions. Overnight, health care professionals became overworked heroes. 

Down With the Sickness

COVID and non-COVID patients couldn’t meet the same doctors and nurses. Telehealth was the solution. Although the system got off to a rocky start, its use has continued to grow.

With technology, the future is never certain. Creative minds have ensured technology meets the needs of the world.