If you are looking to train your dog, it’s important that you find the right trainer. An experienced dog trainer should be able to tackle problems with any breed of dog in a wide variety of situations. If you are struggling with training your own dog, here are five things to look for in a good dog trainer:

Ask around

Ask family and friends if they know of anyone who trains dogs, and get their opinions on that person. You can also ask any of your vet’s employees for recommendations. If one of their staff members has recently gone through a dog training course, they will be able to recommend the company they went through.


When it comes down to finding a professional in this area, nothing speaks more than word-of-mouth recommendations from other satisfied customers. It pays off to do research on different companies or trainers before making such an investment into your schedule and your pet’s behavior. Many organizations offer some kind of online search function on their websites, or a list of customers that have come to them directly.


Look for a training system that is based on proven obedience techniques and not just trial and error. The dog trainer should be able to give you an estimated length of time before training should be complete.


After finding a dog trainer, find out what he or she specializes in. For example, if your pet has aggression issues, it would be best to look for a professional who specializes in aggressive behavior modification as opposed to someone with basic experience in this area. You may have to do some looking around but the results will definitely pay off when you finally meet up with the right person/company for your dog training program.

Your dog’s comfort/safety

Choosing a trainer for your dog should always be done with the utmost care and consideration of your pet’s overall well-being. A good dog trainer will make sure that their methods are humane and considerate of the fact that dogs require patience and understanding to help them learn how to behave properly in certain situations. If you notice any signs or hints of cruelty or too much roughness towards your dog during training sessions, find another company/trainer as soon as possible; otherwise you risk putting unnecessary stress on your pet without realizing it!

In conclusion, when choosing a dog trainer or dog program, make sure to look for certain things that are most important to you and your pet. As long as the person meets the qualifications necessary for this career, has good references from clients who are satisfied with their work, is an expert in their field of specialization and seems to have a way with animals, you should be all set!