We put up with a lot worse than we think we do. We keep old clothes “just in case,” even though we haven’t worn them in years. We have random knick-knacks around our homes that serve no purpose other than to collect dust. We hold on to things because we think they’ll be valuable someday, or because they have sentimental value. But the truth is, most of the stuff we own is just clutter.

If your home is starting to feel cluttered and cramped, it might be time to declutter. Not sure if you’re ready to let go of some of your things? Here are five signs that it’s time to declutter your home:

1. You can’t find anything when you need it.

If you’re constantly misplacing your keys or forgetting where you put your phone, it might be because your home is too cluttered. When there are too many things in a space, it becomes harder to keep track of everything. If you can’t find what you need when you need it, it’s time to get rid of some of the clutter.

2. You don’t use half of the stuff in your house.

Take a look around your home and ask yourself how often you really use the things in it. Do you really need that extra set of dishes that you never use? What about that stack of magazines that you’ve been meaning to read for years? If you have things in your home that you never use, it’s time to get rid of them.

3. You don’t have enough storage space.

If your home is crammed full of stuff and you don’t have any place to put it, it’s time to declutter. Homes that are cluttered often feel cramped and small because there’s simply no room for anything else. If you find yourself running out of storage space, it’s time to get rid of some of the things you’re not using. If you don’t want to get rid of anything, consider renting a storage unit to put some of your things in.

4. Your home feels chaotic and stressed.

A cluttered home can often feel chaotic and stressful. If you feel like you can’t ever relax in your own home because there’s too much going on, it might be time to declutter. Getting rid of some of the things you don’t need will help to make your home feel more peaceful and serene.

5. You’re moving soon.

If you’re moving to a new home, it’s the perfect opportunity to get rid of all the things you don’t need. Why move something that you’re just going to get rid of anyway? Go through your things before you move and get rid of anything that you don’t want to take with you.

If any of these signs sound familiar, it might be time to declutter your home. Getting rid of the things you don’t need will help to make your space feel bigger, brighter, and more organized. And who knows, getting rid of all that clutter might just be the fresh start you need.