The benefits of working from home just keep tallying up, as each perk leads seamlessly right into the next. 

During the lockdowns that have been incurred in recent times, companies in almost every industry have had to adapt their processes. Working from home has taken the lead here for many employees across the nation, and a recent study of businesses suggests that this practice is here to stay long-term. Clearly, in many respects these newer arrangements have worked rather well. 

But where have firms excelled regarding home working? What benefits are there to consider, and is it all sustainable for the future too? 

With all of these lines of enquiry in mind, here are 5 reasons working from home is here to stay.

Saving Money

When it comes to working from home, everybody benefits financially, whether they’re a staff member or the CEO. 

Commercial buildings don’t come cheap, and there are many facilities that a company needs to account for. Electricity and water usage, repairs, and building maintenance all need to be covered on a recurring basis. Staff parking can also tally up expenses, and so too can supplying a workplace with all the necessary equipment like computers, furniture, and stationery. Commuting costs are also a big source of expenditure, as train fares and fuel costs also poke holes in many wallets. It all adds up!

However, working from home can eliminate much of these expenses. Most workers have access to their own computers and study areas, which means in many instances, everyone already has what they need to do their job. Why add an extra layer of faff around that? Ultimately, eliminating much of these costs will make workers happier because they will undoubtedly save money, and alongside this, the company may also have a far more robust cashflow. Everybody wins!

Improved Health 

Working from home can improve the health of almost everything, from the individual worker to the environment at large. 

Less time spent commuting means a cleaner environment, as cars pump out lots of toxins into the air and unfortunately leave behind lots of roadkill on country lanes. Also, the prospect of saving so much money is enough to send anyone’s spirits soaring, and happiness is good for personal health also. Social stimulation can still be acquired from things like Zoom calls and chat forums, so really, there’s nothing to lose here – but plenty to gain!

There’s also the sense of reduced stress when it comes to working from home. A good example of making everything easier is this home working desk solution. Amos Beech offers desks that can be flexibly used and customised to the user’s needs, such as working sitting down or standing up. From handy storage trays to adjustable heights, it all makes working from home that bit simpler. Of course, it is unlikely one could find such an apparatus in the average regimented workplace, so being able to install such a product at home is a considerable advantage. 

Better Work-Life Balance

Many people love their jobs, but even so, to live a fulfilling life we all need to devote a healthy amount of time to our personal endeavours also. 

It could be that, when working from home, employees feel more motivated to complete their tasks so that they can briefly go and do something more important on a personal level. For example, they may need to look after an elderly relative or their own poorly children. That kind of flexibility gives people a much better work-life balance and ensures that they don’t have to abandon one thing for another. 

By working from home, it gives people more freedom to go about their lives in the manner they see fit. Everyone has exceptional circumstances to attend to and working from home schemes show that employers are empathetic to such matters, and that they consider their employees as people first. That kind of treatment goes a long way. 

For example, this kind of outlook can enormously boost staff retention levels. When everyone is treated right and fairly, loyalty will increase alongside, because everyone knows that they’re in a mutual beneficial working relationship. Their futures are in safe hands. Why would anyone walk away from that? 

Saving Time

Of course, a happy workforce is a productive workforce, and that boost to overall morale will help save time and give everyone’s performance a boost.  

In the working world, time is money. It’s often the case that, if workers have a considerable travel to get to work, they can be tired and fatigued before they even arrive on the premises. This all goes double if there are delays with their trains, or if they are stuck in traffic. After these bouts of bad luck, a more gruelling workday is guaranteed, which won’t work wonders for morale, productivity, and performance. 

However, when people work from home, after breakfast they can get straight to work. That ease will contribute to efficiency as well because there’s no hurdles to overcome. Many employers have said that their workers are just as effective at home, but it’s quite likely they’re even more productive without all the rigmarole that comes with merely arriving. The time saved is spent on more valuable pursuits, leading to a better outcome for all. 

Access To Better Hires

Ultimately, all of these factors lead to better hires for a company, because it gives them deeper access to a wider range of talent. 

After all, as workers report that they’re saving money and improving their mental health through homeworking, businesses can’t afford to neglect this kind of talent that are now accustomed to a certain way of doing things. Single mums, disabled workers, or even just employees who don’t want all the hassle of commutes and offices – they all contribute greatly to a business through their plethora of skills and talents. They produce the results, and only inept employers would be concerned about doing things the ‘traditional’ way when it means passing up stellar opportunities. 

When it comes to employing potential candidates, thinking outside of the box and moving with the times is always key to securing the best applicant. The person who works from home is just as capable as any worker in an office space, and their inclusion creates a diverse and highly optimised workforce. 

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