What an eventful year it’s been. It seems all our fears (except Y2K) for the turn of the millennium have come two decades late. 

What’s so special about 2020? Let’s start with the fact the two sets of double digits in a year number only occurs once every century (1515, 1616, 1717, 1818, 1919, and now 2020) 

We’ve also had a tight schedule of events, to name a few; the US election went off in great drama and humor. Thank you, Donald Trump.

European and international football has gone ahead with a full calendar to date. Despite the current circumstances, they seem to be sticking to the program. 

A solar eclipse will grace us with its presence on the 14th of December. Nobody has mentioned canceling that amid covid concerns, so we assume it’ll occur as predicted.

The year 2020 and the pandemic upset the applecart for many of our plans but has given us numerous lessons.

The Five Things That 2020 Has Taught Us

China Won the Third World War Without Firing Their Guns

That’s if, and only if, they’re justifiably to blame for it. The news we’ve been receiving has shown us facts and figures but in English. The media perspectives regarding the source of the virus have been subjective.

The bottom line is; The virus started in China. Their country’s through the woods. The rest of the world’s still on its knees, groping around in the dark.

We Don’t Need to Leave the House Every Morning

Not for school, and if you do a desk job with a computer, not for work. An increase of 42% in remote jobs is observed in the US and 24% in the UK. 

Large firms like Microsoft, Amazon and many more are operating remotely. Giants across different industries are seriously considering making the improvisation permanent.

We Need to Wash Our Hands

It’s incredible how we treated this recommendation like a novelty. It gives the impression that not as many people were practicing this particular aspect of personal hygiene before the outbreak.

Celebs, Movie Stars, and Sportsmen Aren’t Heroes Who Bring Substance

When the world stopped, we depended on a few to keep the wheels turning. The doctors and nurses on the front line became the real heroes, and some became casualties as they fought the invisible enemy. 

Getting the correct legal advice from the outset is important. In a situation where a health worker contracts the virus, Diamond & Diamond mention the procedures in a personal injury claim. 

Millions of nameless people left their homes every morning. They convened at hospitals, police stations, grocery stores, and not for their reasons, but to serve. We have them to thank for society’s ability to function under abnormal circumstances.

The Power of the Internet

The internet’s what’s made social distancing and isolation possible. Due to remote technology, we’re able to work from home, engage in distance learning, and shop online.

At the End of the Day

Whether it was Chinas’ fault or not, the world will take things a lot more seriously after 2020. The pandemic has imposed a learning curve on us that pertains to the economy, technology, lifestyle, and priorities.