For a lot of people, saving a bulk amount or removing a particular amount of their money can be very difficult for them to achieve personally. Fortunately, there are now many easy and automated ways that you can save money without really feeling the effects. This is because you will be saving in bits that would be insignificant at the time that it is being removed but after a couple of months, you would be surprised at how much you have been able to save by just saving in a few cents and dollars over time. This article will discuss 3 ways to save money while spending.

Using platforms that help you to save your change
There are so many things that we buy that we are left with some change. It could be a product being sold for 9.99 USD or service charged at 8.79 USD. Imagine that for each time you make a payment for such a product or service, a roundup to the nearest ten is carried out and the balance saved. The implication is that for each 9.99 USD worth of product you buy, 1 cent is automatically saved for each 8.79 USD service you pay for, 1.21 USD is saved. You would not feel the deductions from the money as it is being removed, but if you make regular expenses like that many times a day, you might be saving as much as over 10 USD a day. By the end of the year, you would have saved over 3,650 USD without really feeling it. There are some apps that can guide you on how to save your leftover change and automatically help you deduct them.

Standing order on deposits
Another way you can easily save as you spend is by placing a standing order on deposits to your bank accounts. You could request that the bank move as little as 5 percent or as much as 50 percent of every single deposit that enters your account into a fixed savings account. This will depend on how much you earn and how many percent of the money you can spare. You would need to be willing to make sacrifices to achieve it. If you have a standing order that saved 10 percent of every amount that is deposited to your account, it means if the total deposit to your account was 100,000 USD, you would have saved 10,000 USD, while comfortably surviving on the remaining 90,000 USD.Standing order on purchases
If you do not want to place a standing order on deposits, you could place on purchases, such that for every product you buy, a certain percentage of the amount you bought will be automatically deducted. Thus, if you buy a 20 USD shirt, you would have saved 2 USD and if you paid a 40 USD bill for light, you would have saved another 4 USD. These seemingly little bits of deductions that would hardly hurt you would, in the long run, have combined to form a significant amount that you would have been proud of saving. You could subsequently push half of the savings into an investment at the end of the year, even as you continue to allow deductions on your purchases into your savings account.

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