If you are a budding entrepreneur looking to make your mark on the business world or an experienced businessperson with a portfolio of companies, you may be looking for a way to break into the transportation industry. In the EU alone, transportation accounts for 5% of total GDP and employs over 10 million people. It encompasses businesses of every size from startup firms to large multinational organizations. Clearly there will always be a need for the safe, efficient, and timely transport of both goods and people in the global economy of 2022. This article explains three distinct ways in which entrepreneurs can create a viable transportation business that can provide either a main source of business revenue or as a way of diversifying overall business portfolios.

Taxi firm

One of the main appeals of starting a taxi firm is the fact that it can be scaled up as more revenue comes in. As a business startup you may begin with a single private taxi that serves the transport needs of the local population. As your reputation grows and regular custom increases there will be the opportunity to buy more vehicles and start to increase the number of staff that are employed. As the business flourishes it can be a wise move to look to improve the fleet of vehicles to include a minibus. Such vehicles can be leased or bought outright from specialist companies such as The Minibus Centre. By including a larger minibus in the taxi fleet, it allows larger group journeys to take place and can be an ideal vehicle to transport customers to airports for vacations when there may be additional bulky luggage which would struggle to fit in a conventional taxi with multiple passengers.

Special Events transport

In 2022 the Covid-19 pandemic is still with us but national lockdowns and restrictions on movement seem to be easing. As a direct result of this there is a rise in the number of unique events that were cancelled or severely restricted in the last two years. The ever-popular summer music festivals are once again in resurgence in many countries around the world. Music fans from hundreds of countries will once again head to their favourite festivals to see some of the world’s top bands perform. Many people prefer the idea of having a third-party company take charge of transportation to and from the festival site as it saves having to drive hundreds of miles to the festival site and subsequently drive back tired after searching for their vehicles in enormous car parks. By putting on special events transportation startup businesses can make significant amounts of money for these special journeys, all that is needed is a minibus or coach and a knowledgeable driver.

School transportation

The need to transport school children to school every weekday of term time is an ever-present demand in the transportation industry. As such it can be a perfect business startup idea with guaranteed levels of custom on a regular basis. Many schools and colleges allow third party operators to deal with the transportation of their pupils and it can prove to be a secure business with predictable revenue streams. An entrepreneur can start by running one bus service to cater for the transportation needs of a single school and then build on this as revenues increase by purchasing more vehicles to serve a wider range of educational facilities.

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