Just as there are millions of topics and videos on YouTube, there are just as many possibilities of information to save from YouTube. You can use a YouTube to MP3 converter to download audio files for school, work, leisure, family, and friends. 

Once you have a reliable YouTube to MP3 converter, you have access to an unlimited amount of knowledge to download for keeping. Found a YouTube to MP3 converter but now you don’t know what to download? Check out the list below for some ideas to get you started. 


Music is a great reason to use a YouTube to MP3 converter. You are saving the audio from YouTube videos, so you don’t need a video for a song. You can download your favorite song, new and popular songs, old songs, and everything in between. 

You can download famous songs, or brand new from upcoming artists and singers. You can also download information songs, such as songs about the bones in the body or songs in Spanish to learn a new language. 

TED Talks

TED talks are over almost any topic you can think of. They are very informational and hold lots of knowledge and tips on various areas of interest. You can download a TED talk for work and listen to it while you work out. 

Using a YouTube to MP3 converter can make sure that you have the audio without having to worry about keeping an internet connection or keeping your phone unlocked. It also won’t stop to load or buffer, so you won’t have to continuously stop what you’re doing to fix the audio. 

Sound Effects

Some people like to listen to thunderstorms, white noise, beach sounds, and light piano music in order to go to sleep. You can get onto YouTube and find a nice video full of ocean sounds to download to your phone and use to fall asleep at night. 

You can also use it to play during the day to decrease stress or at home while you are away to keep your animals calm. You can also download car horns, audience laughing, or gunshots to use to create a presentation for school or work. 

Bilingual Videos

These videos that are in another language can be downloaded and kept listening to repeatedly if you are trying to learn another language. The benefits of having a MP3 converter means you can save the same video and continuously keep coming back to it. 

As you repeatedly listen to the same video, you can learn more of the words before moving on to another video. This will ensure that you can keep coming back to the same video. 

There are tons of opportunities to download information to keep for yourself for various reasons. Whether it is for music, TED talks, sound effects, or bilingual videos, you are sure to find a use for a YouTube to MP3 converter.