With a duly issued work permit, it is perfectly possible for foreign workers to get on a company’s payroll in Turkey. Through recruitment in Turkey is a process that does favour national citizens, there exist several avenues for expats wanting to relocate in this beautiful country at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. Whether you have been offered a position or decide to move there and find work on your own, opportunities await.

Getting on a Foreign Company’s Payroll in Turkey

This is the method by which most foreigners get on the payroll in Turkey, having been offered to relocate there to pursue the expansion of a company they already work for overseas. One of the main advantages of this solution is that the organisation in question will be taking care of every aspect of the procedure, including your work permit. Alternatively, they may call upon a local specialist – such as Azkan Group – to make sure everything is in order prior to your arrival. Naturally, this option only applies to those who happen to be in this very specific case.

Working for a Turkish Company

Those who do not already happen to have a job compatible with their aspirations need to know that recruitment in Turkey obeys a strict set of rules regarding foreigners. The first step on your journey towards employment will be to obtain a compulsory residence permit, as a visa will only allow you to remain in the country for 90 days. Once you have found a company willing to put you on the payroll in Turkey, you will have to seek a work permit from the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services.

As far as job opportunities are concerned, your best bet involves any job requiring a perfect mastery of English, as few native Turks are entirely fluent. Teaching positions are an obvious solution, provided you are officially qualified to teach English as a foreign language. Another sector where the demand for English speakers is booming is tourism. If you speak Turkish fluently and know the historic sights especially well, holiday companies will be delighted to count you among the members of their staff.

Starting a Business in Turkey

In Turkey as in any other country, you may find business opportunities working for yourself, as a freelance consultant or starting your own company. If you already run a business overseas and wish to expand, you may need help putting people on the payroll in Turkey. Umbrella companies – such as Azkan Group – are there to support your growth and can assist you with setting up your subsidiary, or hire Turkish workers themselves to have them work for you through their own organisation.

Working for an Umbrella Company

These experts aim to source the best profiles possible for their foreign investors. Though they generally hire Turks, foreign nationals with an excellent grasp of the Turkish culture and language may also apply, as they can serve as a liaison between overseas companies and their workers or suppliers on Turkish soil. This option would allow you to be on the payroll in Turkey and to have a work permit. It would entitle you to live there while working for international groups or for a business located either in your own country of origin or anywhere around the world.

This offers an exceptional opportunity to work in Turkey in a multicultural context that promotes personal and professional growth. Do keep in mind that some industries are much more represented than others, which means that prospects will greatly vary based on your profile.

Turkey is a dynamic country where opportunities abound. With talent and determination, you will be on the best path towards the career of your dreams.

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