It is said that the sun’s rays produce enough energy to power our planet several times over, and now that solar panels have dropped to an acceptable price, Australian homeowners can reap the many benefits that come with installing solar panels. Australia is leading the way regarding solar energy, which is hardly surprising when you factor in how much sunlight we get in this warm continent, and with government support, installing a solar power system is a very attractive proposition.

Fossil Fuel Burning Power Stations

Australia has already announced they have no plans to build more of these facilities and as the demand for this kind of power drops, these power stations will eventually be closed down. If you would like to learn more about domestic solar energy solutions, there is a special ‘solar quotes’ website that helps you to source solar panels in Brisbane, which can easily be found with a Google search.

Solar Power Systems

Rather than searching online for solar panel providers, simply visit a solar quotes provider and after you enter your information, you will receive three quotes from top suppliers that cover your region. There are other features, which allow you to read all of the customer reviews of any provider and these reviews are independent and unbiased, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Clean & Renewable Energy

We finally have the technology to harvest the clean and renewable energy that the sun gives us on a daily basis, and with affordable prices, you can expect to see a return on your investment within 5 years. To date, it is estimated that 30% of all Brisbane properties are powered by solar energy and these numbers will rise quickly, as the benefits are undeniable.

State Government Support

The QLD government actively supports the use of clean and renewable energy and therefore offer generous financial incentives for homeowners that wish to switch from the national grid to solar power. This grant will not always be there and it could save you as much as $6,000, which is more than enough of an incentive to make the change now, while you can still get this amazing offer.

Harmful CO² Emissions

This is the crux of the global warming crisis and a great deal of the harmful CO² emissions come from fossil-fuel burning power stations, and if you decide to make the switch to the clean and renewable energy of the sun, you are no longer part of the problem and it is likely that many of your neighbours would also see the sense in changing to solar energy.

Working to Save Our Planet

Science is telling us that we are fast running out of time regarding global warming, and unless we greatly reduce the carbon emissions, we will soon reach a tipping point – the point of no return when a chain of events begin that we are unable to stop. We should all look into solar power and with government support, you will very soon see a return on your investment and can honestly say that you have done what you can to reduce pollution.

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