As the UK continues to suffer from austerity politics and cuts to key public services, times are getting harder for the average person on the street. This has led more and more people to shun traditional career choices and instead find ways of making money while working for themselves. One route to consider is trading in cryptocurrencies. It can be done from home with only a small amount of starting capital, a PC or smartphone and an internet connection.

What is cryptocurrency and how does trading in it work?

Simply put, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that exist only online. Bitcoin is the most popular example but there are actually over 2,000 types now from Litecoin to Ethereum. The individual coins are mined via powerful computers and they can be kept or sold for a profit. Trading in cryptocurrency can be done in a few different ways.

The common way for many is to head to one of the online cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and to trade in them there. They allow you to buy a certain type of cryptocurrency one day and then sell it on via the exchange another day for a profit. As cryptocurrency has become more mainstream though, you can also trade it as a CFD on the world’s financial markets with some ETF’s also including Bitcoin in its basket of assets.

But what makes investing in cryptocurrency so appealing?

Chance to make big profits

Trading in this type of currency can net you some decent profits to pay the bills with. This kind of trading really hits the spot as the volatile nature of the market can net you some seriously big winning trades. With prices often rising quickly within one day, you can make some great profits in a short space of time with digital currencies.

Simple to understand and access

Investing can sometimes seem complex or confusing; in truth, some investments which you can make are both. Cryptocurrency trading, however, is not and is as simple as buying coins at one price and then selling them for more. Even if you invest via CFD’s or ETF’s, this basic principle remains the only thing to focus on. This kind of trading is also very straightforward to access with many online platforms and exchanges being around to use. Not only are they secure but they make trading in digital currency enjoyable and easy.

It has a promising future ahead

Although this market can see price fluctuations (as in 2018), it looks to have a promising future ahead. This is starting to be seen in 2019 where rising prices have indicated an upswing in the sectors fortunes. Trading in a market that is not only popular at the moment but is likely to be so into the future is a smart move as you will always have the chance to make money. That is especially true if you invest now and then hold your coins for the long term when prices will be much higher than you paid.

Tighter regulations make it more secure

One aspect of trading in cryptocurrency that can make people nervous is the apparent lack of central control or regulation. While this did mean some scams appeared when digital currency first came out, recent tightening of the rules around it has made it much more secure, especially with fraud monitoring.

Why not consider trading in a cryptocurrency now as you can do so in full confidence that your money will be safe? While more rules will be put in place to protect traders, digital currency will still stand proud as an investment that cannot be manipulated or interfered with by governments.

Lots of help to succeed

One of the really good things about cryptocurrency trading is the amount of help there is to ensure you succeed. As you would expect, this is mainly online and there are many forums or tutorials you can use to get started with crypto trading. If you find yourself stuck on what strategy to use or how to analyse price charts, this kind of information is simple and free to access online.

Cryptocurrency trading is worth considering

If you have some spare money to invest or need to find a way of making some from home, then trading in cryptocurrency is worth considering. As with any form of financial trading, it is essential to know what you are doing so you do not lose all the money you invest. So do plenty of research before you start actively trading in a cryptocurrency.

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